Military oath in Russia

Since ancient times, when applying for military service were given a solemn promise to comply with national law and military regulations.This tradition has been preserved to this day in most countries in the world.There she was in the army of the Russian Federation.


Military oath in each country has its own text, which reflects the essence of the state, historical traditions and established customs of the people.Throughout the formation of the armed forces of any country oaths content often changes.This is influenced by many factors, first of all, it depends on the political situation in the country.An example is the oath of soldiers of the Red Army, which during the Soviet era has been changed several times.

Currently, the military oath - a solemn promise given to a citizen, to join the ranks of the Armed Forces.This oath soldiers imposes certain obligations.They make sense and follow-up service and the oath becomes the basic law of life of a warrior.

Content oath

Military oath of the Russian Federation approved a special law on military duty and military service.When making a solemn promise soldier swears allegiance to their country - the Russian Federation.Undertakes to respect and honor the laws in the first place, the Constitution of the Russian Federation.Strict compliance with military regulations and orders of commanders becomes mandatory rule for the period of his entire life.As well as giving an oath that the sacred duty to protect the people, the freedom and independence of the country will be filled with dignity.

predecessor of this solemn promise was a military oath of the Soviet Union, and many who are now at the service of the armed forces of Russia, at the time and it solemnly pronounced.I must say that in Soviet times the oath soldier was more meaningful than today.

Taking the oath - is a ritual in which not only the spoken words of the oath, but also a festive atmosphere, and state attributes play an important role.New entrants to the military service swear allegiance to the Fatherland to the State flag and the battle flag of the military unit in which they have to perform military duties.

As it happens

Military oath given by soldiers after undergoing initial training, during which the newly trained soldiers called to the basics of service.Usually the term of the course the young fighter is not more than two months.At this time, for the soldiers secured weapons and military equipment.Until the moment of bringing to the oath you can not bring to bear military service.

Military oath is performed on a holiday, which is announced in advance by special order.At the celebration on the occasion of the adoption of the oath are allowed to visit relatives and friends of soldiers.Date of adoption of the military oath stated in the military card and other account documents serviceman.