The fact that such a blood feud

If a quarrel in most countries - this is normal, and often it does not end the terrible, that in the Caucasus the situation is somewhat different.There offenders can expect a vendetta for the death of a close relative, for his outraged honor, humiliation, and so on. D. That's exactly what this exciting but very scary rite and will be discussed in this article.

What is it?

First of all you must be sure to define the concepts.So what is the blood feud?According to the dictionary, it is a special tradition that has emerged in the tribal system of society as a way to protect the dignity, honor and property, even a kind of murder by the offender.It should be said that, according to Russian law, a blood feud in most cases classified as an aggravating circumstance.

little history

would be interesting, and the fact that even before the blood-vengeance of the laws of Moses was protected by law and punished.In the Bible, there is even a term such as "Goel", which means "redeemer."This means that a person who has inherited property, could redeem from slavery enslaved his relatives and his redeemed allotment.And the death of a man from his family, he had to take revenge, shedding the blood of the murderer.Interesting would be the fact that for people who have committed manslaughter and feared a blood feud, while were created by the cities of refuge, where they could hide.If a man came out of him, and it overtook the blood feud, killed his man was not considered a criminal and did not carry any punishment, according to the letter of the law.

recent past

Eventually avenge the death of loved ones or hurt in this way prohibited by the laws.All cases of doubt considered the elders, without prejudging the final sentence sometimes for years.However, despite this, in the time of the near war in Chechnya is not uncommon amount of blood revenge attacks.Quite simply, the laws of society did not act, first considered the laws of war.Find the offender and take revenge on him was a lot easier, and often carried the punishment is not all.At this time, people have forgotten that ordinary people - it is so worthy and important as the blood-revenge.

About the rite

very interesting, though are inherently scary it is the custom of blood vengeance.If any quarrel man was killed, and the perpetrator is known to the people it was sent from a neutral environment.It was necessary to ensure that they are informed that the murderer declared vendetta.If earlier it avenged the one who committed the crime, then during the reign of Imam Shamil was somewhat changed.Revenge could not only to the person who committed the crime, but his relatives on his father's side, and choose the most trusted family.And if the person killed was not too dear, could execute his brother who in the village had a strong weight to the social point of view.Everything was done in order to bring more pain killers relatives (but rather, it was not a rule, but an exception).

Important facts

So, there are a few rules of blood vengeance.What you need to know?

  1. krovniki can not stay in one place, such as the village.If this happens, those who have been declared for vengeance, in a matter of hours had to leave the village.Often in such a case, sold for next to nothing at home all the property, and the family fled as far as to their ritual could not overtake.
  2. As in criminal practice, vendetta has no statute of limitations.However, a few years ago it was removed, and the efforts of the elders of warring families reconciled.
  3. avenge a relative, even a woman can, but only if the old man left.It can be both a mother and a sister.
  4. Different can be the motive of vendetta.So, not only was executed for the murder of his family members, but also for the offense, humiliation, assault on property and so on. D.

Recently, there have been cases when as a result of a blood feud died not one person, but several.Sometimes this is because the offenders did not agree with his guilt, and his Avengers proved.Often, such conflicts become unmanageable and ended very badly.


It should be said that blood feuds can not commit to this, there is a special process of reconciliation.In this case, the guilty party - all relatives, neighbors, and people worry about them - can get dressed in dark clothes, cover their heads and go to the place of the ritual.So, you can not ask for pardon or look into the eyes of those who wish to take revenge.Reconciliation can happen after reading special prayers and after the offender nalyso shaved head and beard sbreyut (making it the defendant).Only after that the offender can be considered a pardon.Often, however, at the time this action was dying one who was presented vendetta.Shaving man simply could not resist and cut the throat of the opponent.


There is also a kind of redemption, salvation from the blood feud.The beginning of reconciliation was believed that the dead man's relatives agreed to accept dowry.As regards the magnitude, it was different.It varies depending on how many family members left the killed - less is insignificant and the redemption they had to pay.


It is said that even today, the blood feud is prohibited by law in the Caucasus, the Russian Federation, it still exists and is often performed.Today, however, as more and more people agree to pardon the killer.For example, there are cases where offenders were forgiven because of a certain amount of money, and sometimes - by the decision of the elders.