What party?

What is a party?There are several versions of the translation of the word.But the typical and the more usual translation is as follows: a group, party, company.A group are different, not only "in a striped bathing suits" or stroyotryadovskie, but also of character in the role of offline and online computer games, where all the members are united around a common single goal, which implies a good knowledge of the rules and indisputable follow the instructions of senior (party).

will understand!

So what is a party?As mentioned, it's a party, get-together and so on.. All these epithets commonly used only in youth.By the way, student parties and the party is called.

Older people tend to use terms such as feast, feast, dance, ceremony ...


routinely in the 70's of last century in the US tradition of the party are divided into:

  • pre-party -small and not very long spraytopitie on the eve of the primary, the larger party, so to speak, warm-up, where all are drinking light cocktails, meet, set up on a wave.
  • main part.
  • afterparty - the party after the party, "dogonku" for those who did not have enough.As a rule, there is no longer an expression and drive.Night party-goers gather in the cozy restaurant, drink light tonics and share their impressions of last night.Some ordered breakfast.

There are also places afterparty format full nightclub sound progressive dance tracks, sold alcoholic cocktails, and roam around the floor are people who have no strength to dance, but to go home, they do not want.These places open after 3-4 hours of the night and operate until noon, or even longer, so to speak, until the last customer.

There is a version that the after party - this race on the cars on the streets of the city ranneutrennego, in this connection, participants call their event "auto party."But this is the wrong pronunciation, and the action itself is called different: street racing.

Another type of party

Apart are the so-called staff party.What is the party with the prefix staff?Translated this party with the staff.But in reality this is not always the case.The main visitors there are representatives of various artists, such as distinguished from the other party the opportunity to each of those present to demonstrate their skills in public.Often, a statement of intent that a show is a through ticket.

Usually, the party-parties do not have a dress code, with the exception of dinner parties, where you can get there is by invitation only.But much depends on the loyalty of the administration, democratic institutions and the thematic focus of the evening.

Conclusion Most of the nightly parties in the countries on different continents are on the standard scenario.Trendsetter in the last 40 years is North America.What is the American party?This is the same as that of the party in Russian.Such parties immediately after the emergence of distributed worldwide and are being actively implemented into the night life in every city of the world.