What miscue - a punishment or a warning?

In our time, which can be called a period of the same people, more and more young people looking for self-expression.Branded clothing will help you stand out from the crowd even more refined accessories you identify with society.You can play sports, but now in the fitness trend, and so you only maintains another fashionable trend.A kind of pitch to differ steel tattoo.However, these salons and tattoo miscue brought to naught all the efforts.

history of tattoos

no secret that the decoration of the skin pattern in our culture has become fashionable recently.Those who came to us from various ancient beliefs and convictions, the image took pride of place some unique, giving its owner the mysterious and unusual.Chinese characters, drawings, Mayan, Celtic symbols, beautiful vivid patterns - what could be more original?

people decorate their bodies for thousands of years using the impaling of words, pictures and symbols.In some nations and cultures to this day believe that the image on the skin can ward off evil spirits or evil spirits, to contribute in a difficult situation and it shows on the presence of the carrier to a certain caste tattoos.

Arts underwear image was conceived in different parts of the Earth.In Europe and Asia, North and South America - and all developed independently of one another.White leather decorated with drawings, black - scars that eventually turn into relief patterns.

Natelnye patterns today

few years ago, tattoo firmly in our everyday life with a tattoo parlor on every corner of major cities.If the Slavic culture tattoos previously tightly associated with places not so remote, and the corresponding themed pictures, now master handwriting changed and can chop everything from teddy bears and ending images of trendy Hollywood actors.

Youth, which takes up particularly fast fashion trends, flooded salons acquire whimsical drawings.What came out of it, and why has become so popular question of what miscue?

Peculiarities of the National Tattoo

Unfortunately, the master in the tattoo parlor does not pass any special certification.Diplomas that are hanging on the walls of the cabin, it can be printed as thumbnails "work performed".

Realizing that tattoo - it is a wonderful and profitable business, many failed economists and lawyers went to the painters.After half an hour of work, using "the most modern paint" from China and "exclusive vehicle for getting your tattoo," assembled by hand, you can get great money with incomparable of sitting in the office.These people do not ask what the miscue, as all their work - a solid trash.Suffice five on drawing in school and self-confidence to become a respected guru.That is why it is so common miscue, and their value today is difficult to overestimate.Familiarize closer with this concept.

What miscue

Tainted tattoo or "zapartachenny" figure referred to miscue.The fact that instead of the desired tattoo on the skin turns something amazing unaesthetic to blame, of course, the mountain master.After all, a person who pledges its caste tattoo artists should at least be able to draw and even more so to be able to do it on the skin, which is many times more difficult.

Although the existence of such masters partachnikov have one important advantage.Going to the procedure of changing its appearance, you do not know what to get as a result.After all, the master can not fill your desired picture, and something strange and ugly.And for you to go with this tattoo - for the amusement of others.

So what miscue - aesthetically crime "master"?Or a lesson for the edification of those who still does not have a tattoo, but want to get it?Answer this question does not exist, but before going to the tattoo parlor to think carefully about whether you need it.