Homophobes - who is it?

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Every year more and more developed sciences, and with them are improved and others.Psychologists almost every day a person is introduced into use new terms.
especially many words have the ending "phobia."Phobia - a fear or fear, aversion or dislike for something.It turns out that people are afraid not only of heights or the dark, but also things that seem illogical to fear.For example, someone genuinely frightening number of 13, people of other races or representatives homosexual.A very popular question: "Homophobia - who is it?" What kind of people, what they fear, avoid or not welcome?

etymology and semantics of the term

What is "homophobic"?It should be noted that the word is of Greek origin, and refers to the following: "homo" - the same, and the "fob" (Phobos) - is the fear of something.Therefore, people suffering from this "disease", show a negative reaction to any manifestation of homosexuality, it does not matter in any way.

Post a designation as one word for this phenomenon could psychologist George Vaynberg America in the 70's in his book.Since then, the term is widely used by scientists in different fields and academic institutions in various documents and literature.

Regardless of what the true meaning of the word "homophobe", most often it is used to determine the people who experience negative emotions towards members homosexual.

Homophobia: Who is afraid of?

Despite the fact that a component of the word "Phobos", ie fear, in reality the situation is different.Homophobes are not afraid of gays and lesbians, but quite the contrary.People who prefer same-sex contacts, sincerely worry for their safety and health, which can damage the very bitter homophobic.Aversion and negative attitudes - this is the relaxed attitude of people nepriemlyuschih homosexuality.But often open gays and lesbians can not take on the job, to deny social benefits to insult, beat and even kill.Perhaps it would be better to call homophobes "geterofilami", ie people receiving only the traditional relationship between a man and a woman.

border between rejection and homophobia

In fact, the distinction between the peaceful and open rejection of gay homophobia difficult or even impossible.These may flow into each other, can take some form or does not occur.

believed that heterosexual persons not entirely pleasant homosexual relationships.Kissing girl hugging guy - a "normal" society does not accept these relationships as homosexual love does not give offspring.It is a reproduction of one of the basic instincts, which drives mankind forward on the road of development in the future.Since homosexual do not allow to become pregnant and have a baby, then it is "wrong attitude".

Psychological aspects of homophobia

known fact that some people are comfortable with the fact that persons of the same sex may feel attracted to each other, while others vehemently argue the impossibility of this.Why is it, and what's the catch?The question arises: "Homophobes - who is it? I do not whether disguised under the" normal "heterosexual men with hidden desires?"

There is a very interesting version - the more actively and fiercely homophobic behavior, the more he wants to divert attention from himself and to appear "normal."As wrote in his time, Sigmund Freud, every man - a latent homosexual.Perhaps that is what motivates behave belligerently and aggressively toward an open homosexual love.

of Internal homophobia is impossible not to mention another form of homophobia, which is called the internality.It is still not established why men and women are followers of same-sex relationships.You can blame the childhood trauma, sexual violence, the influence of fashion.Yet millions of gay and lesbian respondents admit that they had a completely normal childhood with loving parents and traditional entertainment.Why is a "glitch in the program," and a man beginning to attract representatives of the same sex?This is a great mystery.

Given the general excitement to the subject of homosexuality, many homosexuals feel disgust for homosexual love.This is a very complex topic in psychology, the cause of which, of course, is public opinion.It is often formed in our relationship to the different phenomena, and so one of them - of Internal homophobia.Gay or lesbian is not recognized by themselves or in the world of desire and actively promotes normal heterosexual relationships.Such atypical homophobic very unhappy, because happiness is determined by the ability of man to be who he is.These people are constantly experiencing remorse underestimate their self-esteem and live in fear of being exposed.

stereotypes in the cultural perception of homophobia

so happened historically that there are regions pertaining to homosexuals are more loyal and tolerant.And there are countries that do not accept the existence of same-sex contacts open even at the present time progressive.To understand how things work in the modern world, homophobia, think about where legalized same-sex marriage, and which still may scoff and mock effeminate men.

believed that Western and European countries are very tolerant of homosexuality.Gays, lesbians, transvestites and bisexuals are not afraid and do not hide, but rather conducted the gay parades and legitimize their relationship at the national level.

same Slavs and now recognized by the international opinion the biggest enemies of homosexuality.There is even such a thing - "Russian homophobes," that is meant people belonging to same-sex contacts most aggressively and maliciously.It is not by accident - our history at all times decried "sodomy" and in imperial times for homosexuality impaled.

At the same time been documented that in ancient Greece and Rome brave soldiers did not hesitate to show sympathy for their colleagues on the craft, and it does not affect the attitude of the society towards them.Many famous writers, musicians and artists openly confessed his bisexual or homosexual, and to date, open gays and lesbians - super popular fashion designers, directors, presenters and performers.

Homophobia in the world

Despite attempts to establish the most tolerant attitude towards homosexuals in the world, supporters of same-sex relationships and then attacked.

For example, 9 out of 10 American gays openly say that they heard insults in his address, and a third recognized that experienced physical violence by homophobes.Statistics also confirms that even in school-age children can hear homophobic remarks to 30 a day - from peers, teachers and adults.

very difficult to live homosexuals in Muslim countries, where for open geeyami and lesbians arranged a hunt and harassment.In the face of bullying homosexual not only hear insults and threats, but can be severely beaten and even killed.An example of these countries can serve as Iraq and Iran.

In Israel, the situation is no better.It is well known the world public incident that occurred in 2005 at the gay parade.Then, on the streets of the city held another rally - opponents of homosexual parade.They carried banners that read that homosexuality - it is a disease, and throwing supporters of gay parade containers with feces and urine.

turns out, is not so harmless homophobes.Who is it - I do not murderers and savages, ready to devour the dissidents?

Homosexuality and homophobia on television

Since televisions have become our constant companions, best friends and suppliers of news, public opinion is formed through the show, TV series and commercials.Perhaps it is because of television "normal" people around the world understand that homosexuals are so many that it is better to accept them, than to deny.In addition, many popular idols do not hide their orientation and prove to be homosexuals.But opponents of same-sex love, open and latent homophobes, not less than supporters, and perhaps even more.Books, movies, songs decry the attraction to the same sex, promoting healthy relationships and procreation.In this case, homophobes - who is it?I do not whether the people who are fighting for the continuation of the human race on Earth?

endless struggle

confrontation between differing countries, cultures, religions would last forever.People are not enough sometimes simple human understanding to decide for themselves - everyone in this world has a right to their opinions, their views and their choices.Homosexuality, whatever it was, just another difference between people.

There is no need to philosophize, whether it is a disease, a psychological deviation or peculiarity bestowed from above.Mindfulness - the best solution in this situation.Live, be happy, and do not disturb other people to be happy, whoever they may be.Or gleefully plunges in the defeated "enemy" flag homophobes, exclaiming that are fighting for the purity of the race or nation.Here are just a struggle is no better than Hitler's war against the Jews, the same senseless and bloody.