Balance of working time: how to make your life easier?

People for the most part keenly interested in everything, except what really need to know.That's the great Oscar Wilde said, and these words really make us think.

in our progressive age so much to keep up that sometimes you do not know what to grab.A huge number of cases it is necessary to perform the day.How to make all in time, while in the evening did not fall from exhaustion?We must try to balance work time.What do I need to do?

To begin with, it is desirable to determine the most urgent and paramount thing today.Once you have identified it, make a note on the paper under the letter "A".Then mark an important, but not as a matter of urgency, give it the letter "B".Urgent and unimportant things under the letter "B".And under the letter "D" non-urgent and unimportant.If there are several things that you belong to one letter, then give them a numerical number.

To properly balance the distribution of working hours does not mean the transition to the next letter if the previous one is completed.In other words, as long as you have not coped with the tasks that relate to the letter "A", in any case does not go to the letter "B".Of course, you can plan everything on paper, but in reality does not follow written.In this case, the balance of working hours will be broken.And your efficiency rather than to increase, on the contrary, reduced.So if you have decided to improve their productivity, they are consistent.And stick to your well-planned list (balance of work needs to be clarity).

the first place is usually very important and very urgent matter, but which do not want to do!In no case do not put it in the "back burner."Follow him in the morning, and it will not "pull you for the soul" all day.Once you cope with this not very fun experience, you feel relieved.It will give you strength.

You need to properly understand your duties.It is not necessary to do what they are not spelled out.Why take on someone else's problem?So Learn to say "no."At the same time, explain to the person who wants you on the implementation of foreign affairs, it is not part of your responsibilities.You'll save time not only now but in the future.Everyone will know that you have enough of his work, and you do not intend to carry out another's.

Perhaps the so-called head of the planning meetings puts you the task for a month or even longer.After these speeches in the head porridge.I do not understand why it is necessary to start and how to manage it all.It does not matter, it is necessary to draw up a calendar of working time.Shall describe all the important things, the sequence in which they should perform.This will undoubtedly make your job easier.Optimize all future cases that will bring you an increase in free time.

So you have a plan of action.In order to understand how it is progressing, can and must make a production schedule.What it is?In it you will be able to celebrate the completion of the case.If you have a large project, with the help of the chart you will see have time you run it, maybe you go ahead.You will have a clear picture before the eyes of industrial affairs.

We spend so much time at work!But I do not want to come home "squeezed like a lemon" and to force enough for friends and relatives.What else needs a job?Learn to keep control of working time.This will ensure your success.Improve the efficiency of work, and you will be less tired.Home business, you can also plan, it will be enough to keep them in mind.With this approach, you can save time not only for themselves, but also to pay more to his family, to rest, to meet more often with friends.