If your woman - Capricorn

Despite the fact that the girl Capricorn is often not a standard of beauty, it has charm and charm.The opposite sex will attract natural adorable representatives of this sign.

girl Capricorn almost does not use makeup.It is indifferent to it.The thing is that her skin is very sensitive, and when using many tools, you may receive an allergic reaction.But thanks to this unique feature, a female Capricorn, even after forty years will look young and fresh.

Another feature of Capricorn - their inner strength.Thanks to it, they can cope with any difficulties to overcome all barriers and achieve their goals.It is this ability causes other people's admiration.

Capricorn girl from an early age will strive to achieve a lot.So it becomes organized and hardened.Despite the fact that representatives of this sign before marriage have time to make a good career, they are well aware that inferior to men.That is why marriage they choose someone who will fit their ideas about career and money.But in any case, Capricorn is distinguished mind, ambition, education, training.

Sometimes it seems that Capricorn girl marries only for calculations.But it is not.It can pay attention on an ordinary student, but a couple of years he will be able to earn very well.A distinctive feature of the representatives of this sign is that they are not only well develop themselves, but also to help it carry out other people.Therefore, they choose a husband who can express themselves.Even if a person is ugly, she looks to him, if he will seek purpose in life.The hopelessness of people are absolutely not interested in Capricorn.

But husband Capricorn girl will get another nice bonus - a beautiful mistress of the house.For the representatives of this sign will not be difficult to maintain order in the house and take care of children.Even in this field, it reaches new heights.For Capricorns most important - traditions, especially if they are related to home and family.Therefore, they are very fond of their relatives.Not only the parents, but the parents of his chosen.Capricorns are happy to make family dinners and celebrate all the holidays with family.If

woman - Capricorn man - Cancer, it is unlikely that the union would be the best.The fact is that both characters have a representative of stubbornness.And if some of them do not give way, the relationship fall apart.But all is not hopeless: if there is the desire of the partners, they will be able to strengthen their alliance.To do this they need to learn to compromise.Cancer can learn from Capricorn's responsibility, and Capricorn can learn from Cancer in the ability to be childlike.

a much better situation if the woman - Cancer man - Capricorn.

For him, it is helpless and defenseless.He likes to take care of someone and to protect someone.And she likes to engage in family and obey her husband.Therefore, this combination of signs can be considered successful.