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Spain - a wonderful country.And every corner of her remarkable
Costa Blanca is famous for its mild pleasant climate, beautiful landscape
and welcoming, responsive inhabitants.Here nobody
will pass when you accidentally dropped the bag on the road, on the contrary, all
help collect its contents until you return everything in its place
and delayed motorists will be calm and understanding wait
when they allow to pass ... Only here can forget the bar bag with
documents and wallet and returned a couple of hours to take her from the home
which some thoughtful visitor gave
found little thing ... Only here the first passer-by an elderly man walking with his second half
along the promenade, izmazhetsya entire fuel oil, helping
you put on the flying circuit in the bike and coped with the case, satisfied
go seek, wherever wash ... Only here to swap an empty gas cylinder
full surcharge, knowing the day in which the truck
with cylinders making the detour area, you can leave an empty bottle on the street in front of the door

the entrance money, glued with tape and
returned from work to find the same place full turn ... I write about
everything firsthand, it all happenedme personally.Of course, as
everywhere, here and there are not ochesh good people, but they occur very rarely
Costa Blanca, as already mentioned, is famous for its
landscape diversity.Here you can see the picturesque valley and
majestic mountains and crystal-clear lakes, and clean, clear sea with sandy
and rocky beaches ... Torrevieja is known for its salt lagoons, which create a unique microclimate here especially,
saturating the air with salt, iodine andother beneficial trace elements.In
combined with solar heat and sunny days are about 320 per year,
obtained effect is similar to the famous salt lamp, which, when heated, too
saturate the air in the room and beneficial trace elements
life-giving energy, body healthy human body.
living in this beautiful country
is not the first dozen years, I more and more
fall in love with her, and I understand why many dream to buy a piece of
this little paradise.It's nice that these dreams have all chances
realized, since the procedure of purchasing property in Spain
as simple as possible for foreign buyers.Investing in property in Spain, you will not regret it.

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