What is the name Andrew

Translated into Russian ancient Greek name is Andrew Andros.What is the name Andrew?Courageous, man, the husband, the brave.Variations of the name in other countries: Andrea (Italy), Andres (Spain), Andrew (Great Britain), Andrzej (Poland), Henry (France).

What is the name of Andrew for his owner, the characteristics of which are shown?

a child, a boy with the same name naughty and restless, likes to exercise commander notes, tends to take decisions on their own.In his character often seen manifestations of tricks and dreaming.Reincarnation in the favorite characters - the basic idea of ​​all mobile games.Like all children, Andrew loves candy, ice cream, cookies and cakes.He was always friendly with the boys and girls keeps his distance and trying to occupy a dominant position.In the relationship with the father of the disputed points, and my mother for a baby is an authority on the circumstances.

a teenager has a different value of the name Andrew.This is manifested mainly in the modest nature.The boy is not much different from their peers.However, later it turns out that he has achieved much in his life.

with women Andrei shows clear inconsistency, thus causing dissatisfaction among the opposite sex.He was easy to declare his love to a girl on a date to come to the other, and to provide tokens third.However, he does not feel any embarrassment and regret.Speaking Andrew can pootkrovennichat, talk about their tastes, preferences and disadvantages, but the real mystery is not open to anyone.

What is the name Andrew professionally?If a child was seen by a talent, then the owner of the name should pay attention to the profession related to art: directing, acting, singing skills, drawing.

Such manifestations of talent seen in more than boys born in the winter.Andrei mathematical mind will be in demand in the sciences.As a rule, punctuality and thrift characteristic of boys born in the autumn.

He loves to hold different kinds of experiments, therefore it is always interesting and easy.Andrew never shows weakness and shows his helplessness.Because it turns out wonderful boss.

What is the name Andrew in financial terms?This man never without money does not happen.

He always knows where to make money, which they profitably invest, how to save and profitably spent.Andrew does not apply to risk people and will not sacrifice anything for the sake of profit.

In life partner Andrew chooses an emotional, beautiful and glamorous woman.But her mental state and the nature of his interest not to be.

Jealous wife, he can even to a child, if of it will not receive enough attention.

He is selfish, impulsive and unpredictable.It strives to create a strong and stable families.

Andrew can make an expensive gift to his wife, but deny it in the details.

relationship with his wife's relatives usually consist not quite smooth.

What will the adult name Andrew?The value of the name suggests that it will be strong and courageous people, ready for any difficulties, and it will be a real support to the family.