Which steering choose?

guess a riddle whose answer can easily find any driver."Operation of the vehicle is prohibited if faulty steering system, brake system, traction-chain device, gauge pressure in the air brake system." - Where is it?That's right, most of the rules that are written "blood."These are the rules of the road.Everything is quite logical.

Steering, after its invention, practically has not changed.Russian "classics", for example, to this day uses it almost intact.Generally, steering with worm gear has become quite popular with rear-wheel drive vehicles because the front suspension is fully independent, allowing you to implement such a scheme.The advantages of the worm include power, durability and tremendous reliability.On the downside is the trapeze, necessary for correct operation and the presence of the pendulum, which holds all of this construction.In fact, that it accounts for the entire load, making it the most vulnerable element.The steering mechanism equipped with a worm gear, is less accurate and responsive to the movements of the steering wheel.Furthermore, depending on the angle of the worm, such control requires a lot of effort, therefore, there is a need for hydraulic or electric power steering.

It is worth mentioning the fact that in most trucks that are used for transportation of large loads, the worm is installed steering.Again, because of its reliability and unpretentiousness.Here is minimized and maintenance: the gearbox, which is mounted in the engine compartment, just need to maintain proper oil level, and the time to change it.If the gaskets and other sealing products in a normal state, then do not worry about anything.A striking example - steering VAZ 2106. As mentioned above, it is caught in the "classics".

There is also another embodiment.It is used mainly for front wheel drive cars.This rake.In fact, this kind of gearbox ratios which are different for different vehicles.The fact is that if you make them too big, the control is not sensitive enough, and the wheel will have to do a lot of movement.If on the contrary, it will become more difficult, requires a lot of effort, but will become more acute, perhaps too sensitive.So do not think that the rake - is incidental detail: it is a complex steering mechanism, which, like the first, has its pluses and minuses.Among the benefits, perhaps the most significant is the ease of handling.There is no need for an amplifier, although they are still used.The disadvantages are the fragility of the work, because, in fact, it works in the grease.

Furthermore, it wears bellow that will eventually wear out.In general, the steering rack does not have a working capacity for a long time, as the steering VAZ 2107. If a car was installed the first or second variant of the steering, the change is no longer possible, we can only continually monitor its serviceability as failure on a highspeed can result in serious consequences.