Eva Mendes: filmography and the life of the actress

Eva Mendes - a famous actress, as well as photo and video model in combination.With Latin American roots, it is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood version of many magazines.Eva Mendes, whose filmography includes more than thirty large paintings on the list of highest-paid actresses in the world.In 2009, she headed the rating of "99 most desirable women of the world" according to the website "Askmen."

Eva Mendes: biography

this charming actress Born March 5, 1974 in a family of Cuban exiles in Miami (Florida).Her father worked as a car salesman, and his mother was a teacher at the school.In Mendes has two sisters and one brother.When Eve was four years old, the family moved to Los Angeles.There's a girl graduated from high school named after Herbert Hoover, and entered one of the University of California at Northridge with a degree in "designer".Since childhood, Eva differed irresistible beauty, but never thought about the model.She dreamed of becoming a designer.Mendes loved to play music and active sports.Lacking acting skills, she could not think that will be one of the most famous actresses of contemporary world cinema.

film career

Eva Mendes, whose filmography is matched only by the biography of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, came to the cinema thanks to a happy occasion.While studying at the University is one of her neighbor, who studied at the photographer, asked for permission to make a couple of pictures with it to his portfolio.And during one of his interviews, these pictures caught the eye of Hollywood agents who are interested in the appearance of Eve.This served as a link for this essential career as an actress.The first shooting Eva Mendes start with video clips of "Aerosmith" and Will Smith, as well as small roles in television series.At this stage, it says a famous film director Antoine Fuqua and invites you to the role in "Training Day" (2001).This picture has earned numerous awards at film festivals and Eve brought a lot of popularity and demand in Hollywood.Many experts say that after this role, she has gained the necessary experience and truly opened for cinematographic activity.After that Mendes was invited to the big picture with a strong cast.Currently movies with Eva Mendes enjoyed unprecedented demand.In addition to acting activities, she works as a model and advertises the company's products "Revlon".

Shooting in large paintings

The charming Eva Mendes, whose filmography includes many large pictures in the crime thriller "Training Day" played the charming Sarah Harris, Alonzo Harris' wife, played by Denzel Washington.This film won the "Oscar" and allowed Eve to the next level acting.Another famous film with her participation is considered to be "Double Fast and the Furious" (directed by John Singleton).In this picture, Mendes plays a cohesive FBI agent Monica Fuentes.One of the leading regarded her role in the film "Rules detachably: Hitch," in which she played a journalist Sarah Millas.Eva has also successfully acted in such films as "Trust the Man," "Ghost Rider," "Knocked Up," "We Own the Night," "Death in the air", "cleaner", "Women", "The Avenger," "Cops indeep reserve "," Fast and the Furious 5 "and" The Place Beyond the Pines. "Thanks to his roles in these films Mendez many times nominated for several awards in film and has got a lot of fans in different parts of our planet.


Eva Mendes, has supreme acting skills, fascinating external data and maddening many men, not married.During the period of activity in the cinema in the ranks of her admirers visited by celebrities such as Nicolas Cage, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Joaquin Phoenix and Ryan Gosling, with whom she broke up in November of 2013.Currently, Eva does not disclose information about his personal life.One of the journalists asked why she had not married, Mendes said he did not know if she wants to have children, and marriage to her is boring pastime.Best friend Eva thinks Jessica Simpson, with whom she is on good terms for about 7 years.

Eva Mendes: height, weight

With beautiful figure, the actress has among fans, not only men but also women who want to look like a Hollywood star.And so, seeing the actress in the new film, many girls are interested in what anthropometric data has Eve.Height Mendes is 169 cm, weight - 56 kg.She regularly visits the gym, aerobics and adheres to high-protein diets.Eva Mendes, whose filmography is rich in refined roles, has recently become a model sports company "Reebok".In addition, the actress is a company "Revlon", which is engaged in the production of cosmetic products.At the same time, Mendez regularly invited to shoot in various fashion magazines.