What a ball bearing will last longer?

Ball joint was developed long before the advent of the first car.Simply put, this hinge, which rotates in all planes.Its disadvantage is the limitations of the course, as well as some short-lived.It usually causes low-quality material.Unfortunately, this also applies to the domestic auto industry.Often on the box declared 30 000 - 40 000 of the resource, but the ball bearing starts to knock a couple of thousand.

In addition, you can not blame one particular manufacturer, since the products of the same company differ substantially shows the results.In classical independent front suspension uses two ball joints per side.They provide suspension travel and serve to ensure that the wheels can turn.It is worth remembering that such a scheme is applicable only to an independent suspension, as when using crossbar ball replaced pintles.

Ball joint is the most vulnerable, "body" front suspension, even the shock absorbers have a long service life.By the way, wear it first significantly reduced.And not only him, in addition, suffer all rubber products that are used in the suspension.So keep an eye on their condition required.Unfortunately, the ball bearing is not zastuchit, it can not diagnose without dismantling that, in fact, interfere.

But do not be put off just because a "good knock is to show themselves."This means that it can fly at the most inopportune moment.Well, if it will happen in the summer in the village and at low speed.Even under these conditions, injuries are inevitable.Lower ball bearing suffers the most because it accounts for almost the entire weight of the car.At falling through a hole in it is unloaded, and by the spring "pulled out" in the opposite direction.

This scenario eventually causes wear, because there is an effect of the anvil that will sustain, not every type of steel.Unfortunately, today's manufacturers are negligent precisely this aspect of production, which leads to premature failure.Ball joint WHA is usually 300 rubles, the replacement cost of all in 1200, despite the fact that the work would have to perform yourself.This trouble, time, perhaps even to injury.Taking into account the service life, then they have to change twice per season, depending on operating conditions.

I want to dispel the myth that the ball bearings are worn only on domestic cars.The fact that most of the parts produced under the license, and hence they can be manufactured in Russia or abroad.For example, in France there is a plant that has been supplying spare parts for the "classic", in addition, they are made for another 27 brands in the world.Quality does not depend on the brand of the car, not the manufacturer, not the country in which there is a plant, and on the metal of construction of one or another spare.The use of most of them, the most important is this factor.But everyone has an opinion.