Value Name Egor

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origin of the name Yegor its roots in ancient Greece.That's the name of George, which translates as "farmer", and it was transformed into a laconic "Egor".With youthful nails from the holders of the name there is the analytical mind.At school age Egorka different diligence, responsibility and diligence.If any thing it truly captivated the child will treat him with the utmost seriousness.But, despite his diligence, the boy is able to enter into conflict with the teacher and the parents, and any other adult, if it considers that the something is not right.Such is the meaning of the name Yegor: categorical, hard work, a tendency to idealization, rejection of lies.

When a child with that name comes puberty, it is waiting for a lot of frustration."Rose-colored glasses" shattered, because it turns out the world around is not as perfect as it seemed earlier.Having learned that life is not always fair, the young Yegor could rebel and start to behave not very adequate.During this period, parents should pay more attention to your child, as it may fall and not just addicted to alcohol, but also "commit follies."Over time, his internal conflict subsides, and he Yegor, the value of whose name makes it resistant to trouble, become more purposeful and demanding not only to themselves but also to others.

It developed sense of justice.Quite often men - holders of the name - are the leaders.Their team is always a perfect order.Yegor quite strict with his subordinates, but if someone and "flies", it is only in the case and without prying eyes and ears.For this he is respected.But in spite of the ability to manage people, to the name of its owner does Yegor quite private person.However, this one does not know, as he expertly knows how to use psychological masks.Few who can see the real face of Yegor, who still sometimes want to open up to someone.Usually this someone becomes a wife, he chooses very carefully.

value named Yegor effect on his relationship with the holder of the women.Rather, it will draw attention to the modest, intelligent, we can say, "invisible" girl, dressed provocatively than frankly flirted with him especially.Last type it is simply annoying.It is too simple and straightforward, so it does not cost anything to precipitate such a lady.But to that girl that will win it, it will be treated with awe.Value Name Egor is that a man bearing his very sincere and serious.In its relation to the girl you like no trick.Egor is not tricky.Being married, he would become a respectable husband and head of the family, strict but fair, loving father to his children, and reliable support to his wife.By the way, it can even allow her to stay a leader, but only as long as it's not really touches serious matters.That's when all Yegor takes his strong man's hands and solves global problems, not vzvalivaya them on the fragile shoulders of his wife.