Memories of the Future: the secrets of a woman of the 21st century

When I'm 80 years old, and I decide to leave the scene after the unthinkable-brilliant and fantastically successful career film star, singer, seductress and public figure, to me, on the Croisette, will a young journalist.

My seventh husband goes to the Formula 1 ("Oh, dear, even forty - they are boys!"), And the house will not be anyone.We'll talk about what was the twenty-first century at the beginning, have a drink on the glass of good cognac with a strong sweet tea and lemon, and she asks the most important question, for which came from.She asked how I managed before they reach old age, keep the body so obvious youth and charm of a young spirit, guessed in every look and movement.

And we will be as colorful beads in a box, to sort out my secrets.

1. Secret World ... I understand that the universe is mirrored, and looks at me with the same warmth that I have on it.What you need to love the world, the trees and flowers, children and adults alike, keenly listen to him, happy to try it to taste.Dancing alone, not moving on the set outside the rules and obeying the inner rhythm of the body.Taking a bath with aromatic salts, light the candles on the windowsill ... drink hot chocolate and buns, looking into the night sky.Re-read about Mary Poppins.Stealthily removing shoes under the table, draw big toes boat."And yet, my child - I say - If you do not have a fan, buy yourself fresh flowers myself ...".

Secret 2. Cosmetics ... Yes, I know cheap loopholes in beauty, and not disdain to, washed with mineral water, wipe the face with ice of chamomile tea or a slice of apple, cheap creams enriched with almond oil ... "But, darling, never skimp on the perfume and underwear ... Show the world the seriousness of his intention to be smart woman, and he will give you the possibility to carry it out, believing in what you do with them better than the others ... ".

3. The secret about food and bad habits ... Oh, how I loved to eat: just a little bit - and sand cake and pork with prunes and grapefruit, and oysters.Not afraid of no lush bread or crispy meat if the basis of the diet are taken vegetables, cereals and fish, a little digression will not hurt.Big sandwich with cutlet and gravy will not turn a woman into a monster, but the incessant terror of calories will bring up nervously, being pretentious."On the other hand, Bunny, - I note I - when I came into his head to lose weight, force of will, I have stopped everything in general, except for fruits and juices ... and maybe slices of dark chocolate ... and drank a glass of winewith pleasure. My child, believe the old Pepper, the so-called bad habits are harmful when excessive. In a spoonful of medicine, and in the cup - poison. Do not get carried away by them, it hurts complexion. But the militant virtue hurts him no less ... ".

Secret 4. Men "I loved women, child, and they loves me. I loved the state of physical proximity. Hugs and affection. With loved you for years, to welcome you - in short bursts seconds ... I do not see my body as a pawn in a social game, I was not to give money, or convenience, the body paying for the body, affection for affection, desire - for desire. Andre Maurois said that old age begins at the day die courage,and he was right ... But old age a woman starts to the day when it dies tenderness. Do not scanty hand of the giver, not fade shoulders and hips, and chest, keeping the knowledge of the fever of desire, of languor quencher. Do not be afraid to spend themselves,desire passion in full force, enjoy the happiness of male and female connection. Otherwise, you will encounter the first wrinkles on the sad idea that you - a little too fond of ... ".

5. Secret Doctrine learn and learn and understand the new ... The wheel rolls up or down, and when you stop - falls on its side.Using your brain to 5 percent, we neglect the dormant power of the remaining ninety-five.But our brain - a powerful, great weapon."Look, my child, that people have come up to two thousand fifty and is the twentieth part of its potential. Grow your brain, load it, educate, be fair to him, but strict. Serving as the thalamus, mastered only use templates that you remember about your frontalparts ready for non-standard decisions, striking embodiment. It gives the brain signals to every cell of your body. Who knows, perhaps including 6 per cent, it will begin to produce hormones, opposing aging? ... "... and smile.And whisk with white pants invisible speck of dust.

Secret 6. Work "... Build an empire of their dreams, the triumph of their efforts! How small it may be, it can not be small. Realizing her sand castles, leaving the gutter, start again. Be creative! Earn a lotmoney and even more spend. Do not spend your time in idleness harnessed every horse-minute foamed lips swallowing air in a chariot flying, hopping, crawling to your success. Having mastered the secret one, you, child, learn to absorb the energy of Peace,as a sea sponge. But nothing disappears into nowhere, and returning it to the world, you will die. Be sensitive, creative membrane in the tube world's energy flow, receive, convert and stream. Express yourself, and appointed for this price, and deserves it.If you do not work, and there is a service for a living, and you do not try to correct this situation, you are laying the first stone blocks at the base of his old age ... ".

7. The secret of good and bad ... is seen as destined bequeathed to the things of God and the devil woman."Do not be, bunny, too good - tempt, and demand and flows away. Do not listen to anyone who says that you - you can not, and do not deserve, and should not try. Forget all those who deliberately spoil your mood, deprivesyou strength to stir the palette colors of the world, dipping them brush to create the canvas of your life! There's only one way to fail - is to try to be a good for all. Bate, and rave, and smash, and destroy, and get out of your soulfragments of those for whom you have chosen to be poor ...

Remember that the time to embrace alternates with time to refrain from embracing. Remember that "good woman" - the most common compliment to those on whom do not get married. Remember thatThe moment your inner angel was dying of weakness, and unable to keep the fire of your soul, you can ask the coal and heat from hell! ... Do not believe, my child, that they - the enemy when the angel warmed, lift a porozovevshimilips, the devil will leave your power and your soul in his delicate fingers, for he deserved shyly grateful angelic sigh.This world is built ...

... So, paying tribute to Richard Hennessy, we will gather all the string of colorful beads of my 80 years of experience, and I button on the neck of her young tiny padlock.

secret of the most important "... have an interest, my child. To all you have to do: a la carte dishes or dress, to talk to her and other people's thoughts, words and books to work and battles. Ifyou do not feel the hot investigative power to some of the areas of your life - change it, destroy, build another! ... Boredom affects the blood vessels of cholesterol worse, boredom flexes your spine, boredom binds your fingers arthritis, boredom stuck to the folds of yourstomach. Run, child, always run! ... Time mercy only to those who are moving in the intoxicating rhythm of his favorite horse racing! ...

Who can spend it for good, generous and happy - for a holiday. Strive to turn into interestingthrilling action most routine of their troubles, if it is needed. Otherwise - find a way to avoid it. Come on, darling, I'll show you my irises? ... It uorliyskaya Juno ... and it is the Japanese, you can see what large ... SayYou know, in Japan of irises make magical amulets for boys, protecting against disease and inspires courage and the words "Iris" and "fighting spirit" refers to one hieroglyph? ... According to legend, the first iris bloomed a few million years ago and wasso beautiful that they have come to admire all the animals, birds, wind and water, which can then spread the seeds mature in all the earth ...

And here, on the hill, I Iris Alberta ... and purple, and white.Now we are to feed them.You go, my child? ... Well, run.Run! "

Marina Korsakov

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