Why dream of a mirror - What to expect from this dream

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is said that if you break a small mirror, it is a bad omen.Frankly, I do this once convinced.Is it because that event has taken too close to the heart?And what dreams mirror?The answer surely will give us the dream book.See yourself in the mirror to see the looks in the mirror the other person.Is this good or bad?Today we know the answers to these questions.

What dream - to see myself in the mirror in accordance with the interpretation of the dream book Denise Lynn?The mirror is a reflection of reality, from which you turn away to the side.From this dream book, we also learn that the question - what dreams mirrors, has a lot of answers.The fact that the mirror involves many as the symbol values.Mirrors can symbolize your consciousness, imagination, which are a reflection of your world.

Mirror may point to contemplation and to advise you - to do their internal content, to draw into your mind's eye.Psychology Association offers mirrors with memories that are hidden in our subconscious.To understand what dreams mirror, you need to take to the attention of other accompanying signs of sleep.

We know the value of mirror in fairy tales and folklore.There, they usually have a magical significance and are associated with magic.Remember: "Light of my mirror, tell me!"?Mirrors - a kind of doors that lead to the parallel worlds, other spheres of reality.As a child, I could stand for hours in front of a mirror in anticipation of miracles.Sometimes it seemed to me that I see in the mirror of some events, there is something that does not exist in my world.

Our life is also a magic, which sometimes require us more attention and study.Still, what dreams mirror?Broken Mirror dream - learn something from you trying to hide for a long time.But if the dream of the whole mirror, it marks you for unforeseen cash expenses.To avoid these costs, you should eat half a tomato.No need to throw away half-eaten outside.

Why dream of mirrors, if you see yourself in them in full growth?Russian dream book treats the dream as an upcoming wedding.Looked at his face in the mirror - there will be some great events, changes in life.If you have broken a mirror in a dream, then have victory over your opponents, get out of a difficult situation with honor.

Why dream of mirrors, if you break?In terms of dream book Shereminskoy, if you break it, you will lose the innocence or the relationship will be unstable and undesirable marriage.The new family dream book, if you dream that you look in the mirror, then in front of you expect some experiences disagreements.But a broken mirror that interprets the dream book, as the death of a loved one, a relative.

If a young woman breaks the mirror in his dream, the dream book of the new family, this means that the marriage is not very good.It also speaks of the friendship - it is bad.

See lover in the mirror?If he is emaciated, pale, then engagement under threat and it can not take place.If it reflects a happy, it can happen estrangement between you.But not for long.

Why dream of mirrors, if you just see them as subjects?This may be a sign of the coming of overcoming obstacles or clashes with deceit in my life.If the dream is a dream woman, it may signify some contradictions in the family or divorce.

Gypsy dream book clearly interprets such dreams - is a betrayal!Friend deceives you.If the mirror is broken, you betray yourself.

East women dream book promises you change in your life, and they will occur soon if you're in the mirror in the dream looked.Broken Mirror is warning that your expectations are not met - "will break."

These are different interpretations suggest downers, and I have analyzed, collated and virtually unchanged, delivered to you.I wish that in your life only good dreams come true!