Kittens in a dream - what is it?

cat - being mysterious and mystical.Many traditions, legends, and even byley research says about the extraordinary qualities of this pet.According to some of them, the cat is able to treat the most severe and even incurable diseases.She is the source of the disease in the beloved host, falls on the sore spot and pulls the disease, sometimes dying afterwards.Like a fairy tale, a story confirmed by many examples from the life.

cat, due to its striking, extraordinary intuition can predict some important and often unpleasant event.For example, a restless cat behavior in earthquake zones to predict earthquakes.To see a cat or kitten in a dream is doubly important.Doubly - because sleep is also widely seen as a sign sent from above.And when in the human mind, prone to mysticism intersect sleep and the cat takes a lot of work to understand and decipher the mysterious sign.

What could be cuter and cuter than the little kittens?In the dream, we see that once fell into the scope of our attention, even if it happens unconsciously.I glanced at some person - and is forever etched in our minds, in the cells of our brain.And it does not know when that person "emerges" from the depths of memory.Often, this happens just a dream.Therefore, it should not be surprising and very strange dream: a cat with kittens or dreamed of a space rocket launch.Still, with the cat we have great expectations and concerns.Numerous dream books, published a long time ago or today, interpret dreams, helping people who are worried about night vision, find peace or, on the contrary, to try to prevent trouble.Kittens in a dream - it's not as nice as in reality.How to interpret any dream book, kittens, many of them little or necessarily portend trouble.But here there are some nuances.Kittens are different, and dreams with kittens talk about various things.

If you catch a glimpse of the dead kittens in his sleep, according to the interpreters, trouble yourself, you will create for yourself.After such a dream should analyze their behavior, relationships with others whether all right are you doing?Maybe something should be changed.Believe it or not dreams, but to do so introspection never hurts, and it's nothing but good will not bring.

color seen in a dream kitten is also important.So, a little white kitten, who appeared in a dream, warns you of impending fraud.Be careful not too trusting.Black kitten - is preparing a trap for you.Look to friends: not whether the threat comes from them.

And if suddenly the whole dream of the cat family - a cat with small kittens - this is a sign that you are not completely clean before the others: in your plans (maybe it even subconsciously?) - Make someone a nuisance.But remember, in return you get even more problems.Sleep construed in accordance with the old biblical truth: do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

If you had a dirty, thin, sick kittens - in a dream it is reported that small stuff distract you from something important and essential.Look around, maybe you miss the point, lost in worldly vanity.

As you can see, the interpretation of dreams about cats and kittens are not so primitive and naive.Even if you're not superstitious, do not believe in black cats dreams kittens, helpful advice from old dream books certainly will be useful to you, forced to look at their way of life in a new way, to change something in yourself for the better.In any case, do not be alarmed if you see a dream cat with kittens, and read the interpretation of dreams, based on the age-old folk wisdom, and make the right conclusions.