As applied to the hair burdock right?

business card of any girl - a silky thick hair.No wonder even the princess in the fairy tales had braids down to the waist.And how many superstitions associated with women curls!Strands of hair were given to the beloved memory.Hair symbolized female power and magic essence.Even the love potion brewed by the hair.It is necessary to treat hair with love and attention.Many do not know how to put on hair Burdock oil to achieve the effect of silkiness.

natural remedy for a better result

Since ancient times, popular oil for hair and body.Love them due to the absence of contraindications and side effects, preservatives and other chemicals in the composition.Nice to feed their own hair and skin, knowing that brings only benefits.Universal means of a burdock.Apply to dry hair, this product should be regularly to achieve a significant improvement in overall condition.The range of his activities is surprisingly large.In particular, the oil is used for wound healing, for muscular pain, to improve the overall condition of the hair and nails.Just think, for all of these functions has a simple extract of burdock root!However, there are nuances collection.This mug should be no more than two years.The method of production of oil processing differs from simple spin.You can call it a method of oil extraction as well as the roots of burdock insist on any fatty oil.Suitable sesame, peanut, almond or just olive.

preparation technology

If you do oil at home, then the plant must be very young.Cooking it is desirable in the period from September to April.Plants with withered stems are defined in the "marriage".Burdock to dig, and the top - cut.Leave only the strong roots, wash them well and cut into slices.Oil they need to fill as soon as dry.Insists the plant should be at least 20 days.But why such difficulties, if the oil is inexpensive and you can buy it at any pharmacy ?!The bottle will cost you about 50 rubles, moreover this is not a single serving.This raises the logical question of how much of burdock oil applied to the hair.If you have enough rational use of the product for about a month, even if you will regularly make a mask for hair and skin.If you use oil in its pure form, at the time you will miss about 15 grams.When adding masks to reduce the dosage.By the way, in the shops you can buy shampoo and cosmetics with burdock oil in the composition.And considering that it greatly helps in the fight against dandruff, such a purchase can save a lot of problems.Flavored oil can be dropped into the bath to relax.Such a bath turns into a spa treatment, as parallel purifies and strengthens the body.Many doctors recommend their patients to the product as a folk remedy for the speedy healing of wounds.But do not close the oil glory as a helper in the struggle for beautiful hair and eyelashes.

Nuances application

to expect a decent effect, it is necessary to know how to apply burdock oil on the hair.Do not forget that all oils have a single property - to penetrate the hair structure.To fully absorb requires enough time.If you put oil on the hair roots, the effect of oily scalp is provided to you.And wash the oil from the roots will be very difficult.There are no restrictions on gender.You can use the product for adults and children.With regular use, disappear scalp irritation, dandruff and posechёnnye tips.So as applied burdock oil on your hair?It all depends on the time available.If you hurry, you simply rub in a circular motion into the hair oil.Try to step back a few centimeters from the root, and be sure to allocate funds to the tips.If you have a few hours left, then Insulate head.To do this, wrap your hair in plastic or wear a hat.Top tighten the towel.To heighten the effect, you can blow on the head with warm air using a hair dryer.


Remember, before you put on your hair burdock oil, which is a procedure to look after and it must be carried out carefully.The product is applied to wet hair, not to wet.Rinse it with shampoo.You can even use the air conditioner.Important and flushing technology - start with the roots and head to the tips.By the way, there are the secrets of drawing - oil is better slightly warm water bath.But do not overdo it - hot liquid can leave burns on the scalp.The easiest way to substitute a bottle of oil under the stream of hot water and a little hold.Content will be warmer and more pleasant.

based on different

We have already said that the preparation of burdock oil may be biodiversity.Everything depends on the base.Actually, it was on this criterion is solved, what hair should be applied burdock oil.When using almond, olive and other oils varies optional feature of the product.It may be more beneficial for dry, normal or oily prone hair.In any case, the product is obtained by a limited shelf life;just two months can be stored ready oil, moreover it is quite capricious and requires a cool dry place for storage.And we must carefully choose the dishes - let the bottle is dark, and preferably glass.If the product is purchased, be sure to look at the date of manufacture.Why do you delay a product that has probably lost its useful properties?In general, oil cook at home is quite simple, because the roots of burdock pressing will not have, and the product obtained by infusion of the root.So what prevents repeat the process at home?Because then you will be fully confident in the naturalness and quality of the product.

Select oil

If you like walking in the woods or country, then find themselves quietly burdock root.Maybe he grows on your cottage.And it can be purchased in a pharmacy, but is likely to have a processed form.When choosing an oil base to extract you can show imagination, since it is not limited.You any suitable liquid oil, such as olive, sesame, almond.Your taste aromatic oils?Then try a grape or jojoba oil.They are sold in beauty shops.Incidentally, the last option would be the most successful, as jojoba oil composition is closest to the sebum.By the way, in a literal sense this is not oil, but a liquid wax.If you take it as a basis, it eliminates the very possibility of a poor washability of the product.Therefore, the oil will be more convenient to use.

simple and complex ways

We have already talked about how the direct oil extraction.But this is a long process that takes at least 20 days.By the way, it requires subsequent filtering before applied to the hair burdock.Under the effect of oil temperature can be obtained much faster.Although there are antagonists such methods, it is believed that high temperatures impair the quality of the product.By the time push oil with chopped burdock root have all day.And then you need to put the capacity to fire or water bath and boil for at least a quarter of an hour.Stir constantly to be.And here you have a ready-made butter.Now it would be good to find out how to apply burdock oil on the hair, not to hurt, but only to improve their condition.You can do a lot of hair masks based on it.Add a mask More castor oil - to improve growth.If you are using henna or other heavier paints, how much should be applied burdock oil on your hair?Add the product to the balsam or henna itself, and stir well.The mixture should be moderately oily.In the process of absorbing the impact of oil increases nutrient balm.

Make a decoction

And for particularly impatient there's a way to get ready broth, oil-based, in order to use it as a rinse or a basis for natural cosmetics.To do this, fill a mug with boiling water and wrapped in a warm cloth.The broth to cool down, after which it must drain and mix with the oil in equal proportions.The mixture should insist for about three weeks.All the product is ready.

Do not forget that before being applied to the hair burdock, it is necessary to warm up to room temperature.There is still fast, but rather a complex process in which the oil is cooked in the oven.You will need a pot roast, which is filled with crushed mug and poured oil.Seal can be a test.Now put the pot for three hours in the oven at a temperature of 60 degrees.After the need to drain the broth.At the same time, you can push a decoction of nettles, and after the availability of oil mix everything to get the mask against hair loss and graying.

Who does not dream of staying young?So - the secret of youth is available, if you know how to put on hair reyepnoe oil.By the way, as we have in mind not only the hair on the head, but also eyelashes and eyebrows.Thick eyebrows and long eyelashes - the dream of every girl.But, unfortunately, not all nature is generous.So we have to build up paint on eyelashes and eyebrows.But even our grandmothers knew how to put burdock oil on the hair, and more!They gently smeared throughout its length cilia and eyebrows, left overnight.By morning the oil is absorbed, and the cilia become thicker by the day.