The value of the name of Cyrus and the mysteries of the nature of its owner

value named Kira can provide a lot of information about its owner.It's usually very strong, confident and purposeful personality.

origin of the name of Cyrus

value named Cyrus can be described, to understand its origins.For a start it is worth noting that this name was very common in ancient Greece.Translated, it means "Mistress."It is this word can be clearly and concisely describe the basic traits and inclinations of women with the same name.Incidentally, the Greek name "Kiriya" in turn comes from the Persian male named "Kurush", which means "like the sun."At one time it was given the name of a strong women - rulers.Patron Saint of all the girls is a famous Macedonian Cyrus, whose feast falls on March 13.

Mystery named Cyrus

Astrologers identify several basic characteristics of women with the same name.As already mentioned, this is a strong personality who always and in all succeeding perfectly cope with the challenges and defeats.In addition, it is estimated that the lives of women takes place under the influence of the planet Pluto.You can also note that Kira flowers are red, brown and steel.As for the mascot, then to his role copes amber.

Cyrus: meaning of the name and nature of

For a start it is worth noting that Kira - is always an aristocratic nature, regardless of the conditions of birth and residence.Even at an early age begin to show the main features of her character.Baby birth stubborn and seeks to control everyone and everything.It is almost impossible to convince.In addition, little Kira - very independent girl.She is independent, likes to do everything herself.

Study gives her easy.By the way, the girl herself at a young age is very serious about education.Exact Sciences give it a lot easier.Quite often owner of the name make a career in one way or another related to mathematics or physics.She loves to read and has a penchant for sports.

Cyrus - it's always an avid argumentative.And this quality manifests itself in childhood.The girl is confident that the dispute can and should always win.Incidentally, this same quality she appreciates and surrounding people.

value named Cyrus tells a lot about her adult life.As a rule, the girl turns into a strong and purposeful woman.Thanks to a brilliant analytical mind the owner of the name can succeed in almost any endeavor.By the way, quite often Kira become independent and successful businesswoman.

value named Cyrus: love and friendship

Cyrus - an excellent and loyal friend.Yes, it is a little suspicious and it is difficult to build persistent relationships with people.But if someone managed to win the friendship of this woman, it is forever.Kira at any time come to the rescue, no questions asked.By the way, the owner of the name does not love gossip and self-belief of a particular person, based on their own experiences with him.

As for love, Cyrus is a huge success among men as it is beautiful, intelligent and interesting woman.Unfortunately, it is difficult to build a relationship of distrust and doubt.Most men go, tired of waiting.

Despite its power, Cyrus - very sympathetic person who can sincerely sympathize with another's grief and problems.There is only one thing that this woman can not forgive or forget betrayal and infidelity ever demolish relationship.