Perm region.

Perm region is one of the leading regions of the Russian Federation.On its territory there are the largest producers of potash and chemical products.Gradoobrazujushchego are engineering and metallurgical plants, pulp and paper mills.All of them are actively developing and providing jobs.Cities in the region are not similar to each other.Some of them are large industrial centers, such Berezniki and Solikamsk, while others are located in economically depressed.

General characteristics of the Perm region

Perm region is located in the European part of Russia and is a part of Volga federal district.Its area is about 160 thousand sq. M.m. After the referendum in 2003, the Perm region and Komi-Perm Autonomous Area joined in the Perm region.There are about 3 million people of different nationalities and faiths.The Perm region is divided into 35 districts.In addition to the administrative center of Perm, this region has another 25 cities and 45 townships.They all have important industrial and agricultural value.The largest cities are Berezniki, Krasnokamsk, Solikamsk, Chusovoi, Lysva.Postal code Perm region and the city of Perm - 614000.


administrative center of the Perm region - Perm.It's cities.Its population has already reached the mark of 1,026,477 people.Perm region is home to many nationalities, but the overwhelming majority of residents - Russian.Perm is located on the Kama River.It is a large and diversified research, logistics, industrial and cultural center of the Urals.The city itself was founded in 1723.In the years of the Soviet Union in the postwar period, it was renamed to Molotov.

Perm has always been important and a major transportation hub.In 1876, after the city it was the first on the Urals and Siberia, across the railroad.This undoubtedly influenced the development of the whole region.By the way, the first university in the Urals was also opened in Perm.Map Perm region contains information on more than 130 archaeological sites.This area has been inhabited by humans since ancient times.In the XVII century, these lands belonged to famous Stroganov merchants.The earliest documented information about the settlements in these areas are found in the census books of Procopius Elizarova and refer to them in 1647.Currently, Perm - one of the largest economic and industrial centers of Russia.It is among the top ten cities with the best business climate.Every year there is improved quality of life, built new housing, create jobs.


Perm region is rich in deposits of potassium salts.They actively mined in the enterprises of the city of Berezniki.Its area - 431 square is the second largest industrial center of the region.Berezniki have the status of urban district.There are about 151 thousand. Man, but unfortunately, due to poor housing conditions, as well as the emergence of urban houses almost near failures, the population is falling.The town is situated on the banks of the Kama River.It is located at a distance from Perm 180 km on the highway car, on the water route is 208 km.In the 80s of the last century it has been attached to the Berezniki ancient little town Usolye.There are historical sites and cultural monuments.Berezniki characterized by a large concentration of industrial capacity.It received a special development of heavy industry.The economy of the urban district is concentrated a little more than 13% of industrial fixed assets all over the region.The share of chemical complex is given 87%.But the production of consumer goods are practically not involved in, nor developed machinery.The main problem of the city - dilapidated housing.Due to the failure of education, many homes have become uninhabitable.But in general, Berezniki have great potential for development.

Krasnokamsk Krasnokamsk City is the administrative center of the municipal district.He received the status of an urban settlement.The population in 2014 was 53 697 people.The town is situated on the banks of the Kama River.Distance to Perm - about 35 km on the road car.The city with the regional center connects the railway and waterways.Perm region is a center for the production of pulp and paper products.This factory is located in Krasnokamsk "Goznak".It is a leading enterprise in Russia, it specializes in the production of valuable, print, drawing and document types of securities.Forming enterprise - Pulp and Paper Mill.It produces school exercise books, albums, printing and writing paper.Krasnokamsk produced the widest range of paper intended for offset printing.It meets all the standards of both Russia and Europe.Furthermore, the city adjusted production of metal meshes made of synthetic fibers.

Perm region, Solikamsk Solikamsk

City - an administrative district cent.It is the third largest city of Perm region.It is located at the left tributaries of the Kama river - the river and Usolki Borovoy.Distance to Perm - 202 km by road and 370 km of railway lines.There is a port of the Kama Reservoir.Solikamsk is located only 30 km from the city of Berezniki.It covers an area of ​​166 square has great industrial importance for the entire region.There is an active mining potash.This is the second economic center in Bereznikovo-Solikamsk industrial area.The area is a unified whole.Berezniki and Solikamsk closely interact with each other.Some designs of these cities in the coming decades is planned their union.Solikamsk has fame and criminal elements of our population, it is notorious prison "White Swan" for convicts for life.


Gubakha is the administrative center of the urban district.It is located in the center of Kizel coalfield.Distance to Perm - 219 km on the highway car.Through lips line runs railways "Chusovaia-Solikamsk."Within the city limits land area is 4297 hectares.Of these, built on 1648 hectares, parks, gardens and other green spaces allocated 195 hectares.The length of the streets of the city - 102 km.According to the 2014 population of 21,658 people.The city is known for the fact that on its territory there are karst phenomena.It is above all the failures and caves.Like other city of Perm region, lips famous industrial production.Large enterprises - JSC "Metafrax".It is engaged in the manufacture of chemicals.This formaldehyde, methanol, pentaerythritol, hexamine, urea-formaldehyde resins, sodium formate, technological oxygen and so on. D. In the city there is another large enterprise - Gubakhinsky Coke Plant.It produces products such as coal tar varnish, ammonium sulfate, coke, tar, benzene and more.

Kungur Kungur district administrative center is the city of Kungur, Perm region is rich in various cultural heritage and unique natural places.One of them, ice caves, is here.Kungur has the status of an urban district.It is a historical city in Russia.This title he received in 1970.Distance to Perm - 90 km.Population according to 2014 - about 67 thousand people.The city's area - 69 square


Lysva It is the administrative center of the urban district.It is located east of the city of Perm.The distance to the regional center - 86 km on the road car.The city's area - 26 square to the 2014 population of 64,000 people.The city is built on the banks of the river Lysva.This area is embedded deep valley.Through the city laid a railway line "Chusovoi-Cousineau."Like many cities in the Perm Region, Lysva is famous for its industry.There developed metalworking and mechanical engineering.Also, the city enterprises producing construction materials.Developed here, and agriculture.

Perm Region, Kizel

Kizel It is the administrative center of the municipal district.Population - 21 thousand people.City subordinated several settlements.Kizel area - 75.82 square built-up houses, not more than 3 square to Perm - 244 km on the highway car.The city is a railway station "Chusovaia-Solikamsk."It is located in the western foothills of the Middle Urals.The city got its name from the river Kizel on which it is located.Once there were coal mining.Now the area is in industrialized doldrums.The population employed in the public sector.