Allergy: the treatment of children, as well as the causes of disease

most common and unpleasant disease in the modern world is allergic.Treatment of this disease in children is different.However, it should first understand the reasons for its appearance and symptoms in which it manifests itself.

So appears the disease under the influence of certain allergens such as dust, pollen, food, poplar fluff, animal hair, bird feathers.The immune system begins to adequately respond to these factors, and the condition of the body can rapidly deteriorate.The reason for this is the over-production of histamine.It should be noted that our defense system capable of storing allergen and at the second meeting with him to respond immediately.If the allergy is found, the treatment of the disease in children should be quickly and thoroughly.

consider the symptoms of the disease.In principle, each allergen causes different symptoms.For example, the body's reaction to an abnormal factor can be red rashes on the body (hives), runny nose and constant sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, fever, and even asthma (angioedema).

If an allergy, the treatment of this disease in children should be serious because it can lead to major complications, such as asthma.In some cases, it may occur and death.

most important means of fighting such disease as allergies - treatment.In children, it provided medication and traditional medicines.This process is lengthy or permanent.Self can not prescribe medication.Doing this should only be a doctor, allergist.Specialist necessarily direct the kid all the necessary tests, as well as gather information on diseases parents.The fact that allergies are often inherited.

allergies in children, the treatment of which should be carried out in a specific pattern, is not an easy disease.Eliminates it with certain antihistamines.In addition, you should limit contact with the baby hazard.For example, if your child is allergic to dust, you have to do wet cleaning every day, and in some cases several times a day.In the case of reactions to certain foods should be excluded from the diet.Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to do, however, have to try.

also necessary to strengthen the immune system of the baby.In this case, you can reduce the manifestation of allergic reaction.To this should be tempered, eat right, it is often in the open air, participate in sports.Naturally, the house has to be calm, that kid is not under stress.

can be used for the treatment of ASIT therapy, which is a "vaccination" against the allergen.Hold it only after three years.It is also recommended for soothing herbs that you need to drink or to rinse their throats.Aromatherapy is a great option, but you should choose such oil for which the child has no reaction.So, in this article we found out when there allergy in the child what to do and how to act.