How to park backwards correctly

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Modern electronics is developing so rapidly that soon the cars in intelligence are on a par with the owner.But in the future.In the meantime, motorists still have to think with your head and hands act.And here many, especially novice drivers have problems - how to park backwards, so as not to catch standing next to the car.

Parking always causes some difficulties, especially in metropolitan areas.Not so easy to find a free place, and even more difficult to "squeeze" your car in limited space.Rarely once, a simple movement of vehicles, it is possible to put the car "right" way.Most all have to stop off for a seat in reverse.But this maneuver many causes trembling in the knees.Let's try to understand step by step in the algorithm such parking.

learn how to park backwards, said even in a driving school.However, a limited amount of time to master this maneuver is unlikely to master it perfectly.Most inexperienced motorists parking reversing ends staging car diagonally to curb buried in the rear wheels.This is at best.And in the worst - affected a number of parked cars.To rid yourself of these problems, you should remember a simple sequence of actions.

How to learn to park in reverse - step by step guide:

1. Assessment of the traffic situation.Before you put the car, you should find a place.To do this, slowly move in the extreme right lane, carefully inspecting parked cars.The move follows it slowly, occasionally glancing along the street.In this case, you do not have to brake sharply if the field of view will be void.If you find free space should evaluate the ratio of its size to the size of the car.In other words, by example, whether to fit your car.Note that the length of the free space must be greater than the length of your car by 40-50 cm.

2. Correct stop before parking.Location found, is to put the machine.To do so, stopped in front of standing in front of the car and turn on the turn signal.You must stop his vehicle about a meter away from standing in front of the car.If the parking lot is only released it before parking in reverse, let the other driver free to leave.Do not block his passage.As soon as he left the parking lot, move your car to maneuver so that the rear bumper of your vehicle is in line with the rear bumper "neighbor", standing in front.

3. maneuvering.So, you put the car to the starting position.Now, without moving from their seats, remove the steering wheel toward the curb.Not to failure!Suffice it a half-turn.Then, turn the speed back and start gently and slowly pull up the car back, correcting the trajectory of the wheel.It should closely monitor the passage of the mirrors of your vehicle relative standing cars, so as not to engage the rear bumper standing "neighbor".When the middle of the front fender of your vehicle aligned with the rear bumper of the car ahead of standing should unscrew the steering wheel in the opposite direction from the curb.All the way!The motion is not interrupted.All car slowly rises in the space.

How to learn to park - general tips:

  1. right to park your car in reverse from the first time is unlikely to succeed.Therefore, before you perform this maneuver in city streets, it is recommended to practice on any vacant lot used as a "neighboring" Parking machines cartons.
  2. If you park on a hill, in a security best practice to turn the wheels toward the curb on the way down and to the side of the road - on the rise.This will protect the machine from inadvertent movement downhill.
  3. After working techniques on how to park backwards, take your time when making a maneuver in the city.Do not make sudden starts and stops.Remember, you are in city traffic, and your actions are a hindrance to other traffic participants.Therefore, all maneuvers should be carried out quickly and smoothly at the same time.