Waterfall Gadelsha: where, how to get a description, photos

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This is one of the largest waterfalls in Bashkiria.It is called differently - Tuyalas, Hudalaz, Ibragimovskaya, but still the most common and familiar to indigenous name - Gadelsha.It comes from the name of a village nearby.In one of the branches of the river is Hudolaz Gadelsha.Waterfall (map republic will help tourists) is located on the hillside Irendyk, with the eastern part, in Baymahskom area.At this point the river Hudolaz (Tuyalas) pierced deep in the mountains and narrow valley.

beauty ztoy river Bashkirs sing folk songs.Earlier this river locals, and visitors affectionately called Tuyalas, which translated from the Bashkir means "fast stream".Unfortunately, the beauty of the exotic for the Russian people words over time is gone.Today, cartographers and surveyors replaced it with a cooler, but more familiar to locals Hudolaz name.

banks of the river are rich in mineral deposits.When just beginning to take shape the landscape of the earth, where there is now a waterfall Gadelsha, volcanoes erupt.One example of this - thick layers of volcanic rocks (spilites, purple).

Many tourists and travelers would like to see the waterfall Gadelsha.How to reach it?

road to the waterfall

coming from a city - Sibai, located fifteen kilometers.Once here, you must drive in the direction of the village of Old Sibai, and then move to the earth road recreation Gadelsha.From here you can climb up the gorge.In order to make such an ascent, will require some skill (especially when descending the opposite), but seen beauty more than offset all the difficulties.

Falls Gadelsha: description

This three-stage waterfall.Its upper level of the smallest height not exceeding 1.2 meters.The following stages reach seven meters.Thus, its overall height is fifteen meters.Depending on the time of year, and rainfall amount of water (and hence its entertainment) varies.In mid-summer when precipitation is usually small, the water flow is less than 10 l / s.But in the early spring it is very affluent, beautiful and rugged.The gorge is filled with the sound of falling streams.

Weather and Climate

In Bashkortostan, usually snowy winters.The average January temperature - 18 degrees below zero.It lasts from the middle of October to the first days of April.Spring frosts can come back, but with the onset of summer comes the real heat, especially in July.More rain falls in autumn and summer.

Nature Reserve

Republic has a lot of fairly large waterfalls.They are all very different in size and intensity.But the most spectacular of these is the waterfall Gadelsha.Bashkiria is proud to be a natural monument.

In the vicinity of the waterfall go jasper deposits on the surface of the earth.It is well polished, and therefore is often used as ornamental material.Because it is a surprisingly beautiful statues and vases.Furthermore, it is widely used in the lining of monuments and buildings.Ridges and ridges in the valley dotted with rocky outcrops of carboniferous limestone.They are successfully used in metallurgy during melting.In architecture, they are used as wild stone, and after the material passes firing, it is used as lime.

On the slopes Irendyk still meets milky white quartz, asbestos and talc.There are growing rare herbs and shrubs are listed in the Red Book.There are plans to create a nature reserve here.

natural monument

Since 1965 Falls Gadelsha a geomorphological, geological and botanical monument Bashkiria and protected by the state.


If you decide to visit the waterfall Gadelsha, you can also go on a tour of the copper and sulfur plant.It is famous for the fact that the quarry has a depth of over 500 meters and is considered one of the deepest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.It extract sulfur, copper, iron, silver.Its diameter - two kilometers.

by-product of the extraction of copper pyrites is gold.However, it is present in minute amounts and can not be easy to see.The quarry is protected, and you can see them next to the small lake with the characteristic blue-green color.If you arrive at the quarry "savages", you will need permission to travel companies, which cooperates with the plant.Here you can get a pass and guide.

From the observation deck can not see the bottom of the pit.From this position you can see only black-and-yellow slope with light strips of roads.Over time, the quarry will be the artificial lake.


Gadelsha near the waterfall is an old hostel of the same name.Many say that it is comfortable enough - there is no TV, no mobile connection.For those who prefer more comfortable accommodation, you can settle into a landscaped hotel "Gold Card" in Sibai from which to make excursions to the waterfall with a guide.