Desert Rose: description and photos

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Desert Rose, Adenium, or - is a deciduous plant East African origin with thick stems and bright colors.It belongs to the family kutrovyh (Apocynaceae).At home, the leaves can remain on the plant throughout the year, when the heat and light is sufficient.It is noteworthy that Adenium is often confused with other species, the habitat of which is Egypt.Desert Rose, as it is called is an annual herbaceous plant of the cabbage family, it is actually a view Anastatica hierochuntica, and nothing to do with the family kutrovyh not.Look at the photo - Desert Rose is really very beautiful and unusual natural creation.


on adult stem copies or caudex becomes swollen, thick, often bizarre.This gives Adenium extraordinary and amazing views.The leaves are usually bright green.During the dry season desert rose strewn with bright colors.Adenium size can reach 5 meters, but there are also species that lacks a small bowls in a flat.Currently displayed a large number of hybrids desert rose.They are characterized by a wide variety of flower color - from the traditional red to striped and orange.It is worth noting that the Adenium poisonous to him should not contact children and pets.After working with the plant wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


Desert Rose presented a huge variety of subspecies.Learn about the most common ones.Adenium svazikum (Adenium swazicum) - one of the hardiest varieties of desert rose.It is characterized by small size and adapted to living in a city apartment.

Adenium Arabic (Adenium arabicum) is used as a garden plant, it has a thick and powerful stocky trunk.Leaves Arab Adenium meaty and dense, very similar to the leaves of succulents.Interestingly, the color of caudex has a very diverse, it may be purple and pink spots.

Adenium Somali (Adenium somalense).This kind of characteristic of large and powerful, extended the base of the trunk.The first half of the year it is growing very rapidly, reaching during this time and a half meters in height.The ambient temperature during the growth of the Somali Adenium should not fall below 12 ° C.

greatest popularity among florists and lovers of the desert rose Adenium acquired monkey (Adenium obesum).Other species name - Adenium obesum, Adenium fat.It is characterized by a wide variety of leaf shape and caudex and flower color.Plant breeders have successfully used this and create more new hybrids Adenium obesum.

growing conditions most favorable areas for cultivation and breeding Adenium considered tropics and subtropics.Outside these zones Flower requires special care.Constant heat - the basic condition in which the needs of the desert rose.The plant is very demanding and lighting.The ideal location of the apartment - near the window overlooking the south side.This will ensure a constant hit on the leaves of roses to direct sunlight.Watering the plant should be rare.In winter, reduce the flow of water, but at the same time not over-dry soil, enough to keep her hydrated.The soil for planting roses should have drainage and be slightly acidic.When buying a mixture of roses for your future, choose the way for succulents and cacti.Every summer, fertilize Adenium fertilizers.To desert rose rose more interesting and bizarre, use one secret.Remove the upper part of the plant's root system from the soil, while leaving a little more than half of them in the ground.Thus, the roots will be slightly open, as a result of growth together with the barrel will begin to form an interesting shape.


Desert Rose - plant breeding, usually seeds.They ripen in pods.To accelerate the germination of spraying and periodicals can be heated from the bottom of the pot.A week later, the first shoots appear, and a month later, when seedlings formed a few true leaves, you can begin replanting.Desert rose propagated by cuttings and, but specimens grown by this method, may not have such thick tuberous stems and powerful as when grown from seed.Otschipnite process stem from 7-10 cm in length and dip it into a solution with fungicides and hormones, e.g., a solution "Alpin".Then plant a sapling in a small pot filled with slightly moist mixture of peat and perlite in a ratio of 1: 3.

transplant young plants usually lack the pot small.But with the growth of Adenium need transplanting into a large container.To carry out this procedure is necessary only in the warmer months.First, make sure that the soil is dry, then carefully remove the pot from the Adenium.Remove old dead roots, and any rot.Cuts formed during transplanting, treated with a solution - anti-bacterial and fungicidal.Place the rose in the new pot and pour into it the soil.About a week refrain from watering to prevent root rot, as Adenium is very susceptible to this disease.Also, be careful and attentive not to damage the parts of the plant.

Desert Rose in your garden

If you want to decorate your garden or Adenium yard, try to find that for the most sunny place.Desert Rose planted in partial shade is stretched thin elongated stems, and more susceptible to disease.The land at the site for planting should not be too wet or prone to flooding.If your garden is no place to dry soil, make a mound at least 20 cm above the ground soil.It is also important to Desert Rose grew out of the reach of automatic irrigation systems and spraying.Along with this, you can plant a variety of heat-loving ground cover plants.It is important to know the optimum composition of the soil mix, which is ideal for Adenium planting in open ground.Prepare yourself it does not take much.

In such a mixture includes:

  • peat - 2 pieces;
  • coir - 2 pieces;
  • sand - part 2;
  • perlite - 1 piece.

first couple of years of desert rose is growing very fast.At this time, it is important and necessary to provide the soil with organic and mineral nutrients.Later, the growth rate is slowing down, and that's fine.In the spring and summer have to make liquid fertilizer every two weeks.But during the autumn fertilizer application rate required to reduce.

Start at this wonderful flower.Desert Rose will decorate a room or revitalize the look of your garden.