How to effectively eliminate stress?

Stress - a state of stress of the whole organism and its response to external stimuli.Stress is one of the most serious problems of modern society.We are confident that we should not talk about how adversely it affects human health.

In this article, we will tell you how to remove the acquired stress if you can not avoid it.

1. Control breathing

As you know, the physical and emotional condition of the body are closely linked.When you are worried, your breathing quickens.Focus on your breathing, slowly take a deep breath, and after a moment - a slow exhalation.Note exhalation should be twice longer than the breath.Try not to breathe the breast and belly.The main thing - do not hurry.

have the dual effect of this exercise.It calms you at the expense of deep breathing and at the same time due to the very concentration on the breath.

2. Walk

Physical activity can help you relieve stress.The best way - a short walk through the park or a quiet street, where you can distract from the negative thoughts.Just do not sit on the ground.

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activity during a stressful situation - a topical medication.To prevent stress states should engage in sports, even regular yoga will make you more stress-resistant.

3. Hot Tub

Take a warm bath or shower wait.The water is very effectively relieves stress.Water treatments literally wash away all the accumulated negative day.

4. Positive thoughts

One of the best ways to get rid of stress - stop cheat yourself and dwell on negative thoughts that make you nervous, otherwise you will fall into a vicious circle.When a negative thought, gather into a fist and make positive thoughts crowd out everything you do not like.

5. Tea

Arrange a tea party with sweets.It is best to choose a green tea, it helps you calm down faster.For sweets, you can choose chocolate that lift your mood.

Remember not so important, what will be the tea, and that will complement it, the process will help you escape from bezraduzhnyh thoughts.

6. Communication with light people

If you have friends who do not ship you their problems and are constantly on the positive, you need to meet with them soon.And answer them the same, do not start broadcasting their problems in a non-stop, just talk, tune in a positive way and enjoy the communication.The voltage will go by itself.

7. Clean the house

Dismantle dam on the table, a cupboard or the room.Organizing things make you focus on the process and distract you from the accumulated thoughts.

parallel with the things to be decomposed on the shelves and your thoughts.The outer order and organization man unconsciously brings to his life.

8. Treat yourself to an hour of silence

Stay alone with his thoughts.Do not be distracted by television, the Internet and music.It is best to turn off the phone, to avoid distractions.

course, need to be alone with only positive and creative thoughts.The rest - expel.

P.S. Do not dwell on negative thoughts.Try to free yourself from overload, both physical and emotional.Total should be in moderation.Let your stress bypass side.

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