Where to learn our politicians and show business stars

Politicians and show business stars, sportsmen and representatives of business circles of Russia studied in various universities and a variety of specialties, and often not in their future career.In addition, many were not limited to obtaining only one education.

Where learned our ...


Dmitry Medvedev - the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University in 1987 and a graduate of Leningrad State University in 1990.

Vladimir Putin - the international department of the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University.He studied at the Moscow Higher School of the KGB №1.

Alexander Khloponin - Faculty of International Economics of the Moscow Financial Institute.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky - the Institute of Oriental Languages ​​(later the Institute of Asia and Africa) at the Moscow State University with a degree in "Turkey and the Turkish language."Part-time Faculty of Law of Moscow State University, specialty "lawyer".

Andrei Fursenko - Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Leningrad State University.

Gregory Balykhin - Mining College in the city of Manganese Dnipropetrovsk region, then the People's Friendship University (UDN) to them.Lumumba.

Valentina Matvienko - Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute.

Irina Khakamada - Faculty of Economics UDN them.Lumumba.

Alexander Lukashenko - Mogilev State University.AA Kuleshov and the Belarusian Agricultural Academy.Historian, Economist.

Yulia Tymoshenko - the economic faculty of Dnepropetrovsk State University, majoring in economics, cybernetics.

Viktor Yanukovych - the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of International Law at the Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade.

Mikhail Saakashvilli - Kiev Institute of International Affairs, Columbia University (New York), where he received a master's degree in law.Strasbourg Institute of Human Rights.


Roman Abramovich (finance, investment banking, raw materials industry, metallurgy, public institutions) - Moscow State Law Academy.Moscow Automobile and Road Institute.

Mikhail Prokhorov (president of the group "Onexim" - raw materials industry, metallurgy) - Moscow State Institute of Finance, Department of "International Economic Relations".

Vladimir Potanin (the president of holding "Interros" - finance, investment banking) - Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Faculty of Economics, specialty - "international economy".

Vagit Alekperov (president of "Lukoil") - the evening department Ayzerbaydzhanskogo Oil and Chemistry Institute (AINE) them.M.Azizbeyov.

Alisher Usmanov (Gazprominvestholding) - Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, specialty "Banking".MGIMO, specialty "international law."

Mikhail Fridman (Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of the consortium "Alpha-group") - Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Vladimir Lisin (the owner and chairman of the Board of Directors of Novolipetsk Steel) - Siberian metallurgical institute, foundry faculty, specialty - "metallurgical engineer."Postgraduate Research Institute of Ukrainian metallurgy.Graduate School of the Academy of Foreign Trade.Academy of National Economy.Plekhanov at the Government of the Russian Federation, specialty "Economics and Management".Doctoral Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Oleg Deripaska (Basic Element company owner, Basic Element - raw materials industry, metallurgy) - Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics.Russian Academy of Economics.Plekhanov.

Chichvarkin - State Academy of Management with specialization «Management of the economy."


Evgeni Plushenko - Petersburg Engineering and Economic University, faculty of hotel management.

Konstantin Tszyu - Dept. of sports martial arts Institute of Physical Education, Social Services and Tourism UGTU.

Svetlana Zhurova - the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture.

Svetlana Khorkina - Faculty of Physical Education, Belgorod University, PhD.

Alexei Yagudin - St. Petersburg State Academy of Physical Culture.PFLesgaft.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov - Kuban Academy of Physical Education.

representatives of our show business

Zhvanetski - Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers.

Yuri Shevchuk (group "DDT") - art and graphics department of the Pedagogical Institute in Ufa.

Vladimir Kristovskiy (group "Umaturman") - graduated with a degree in vocational electrician, and later studied at the hairdresser, spent a year at the music school.

Mikhail Zadornov - Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in engineering.

Ilya Lagutenko (group "Mumiy Troll") - Oriental Institute of the Far Eastern State University, major in "area studies" (Oriental and African Studies).

Aleksandr Panayotov - a music school.

Roman Bilyk (the leader of the "Beasts") - Don Interregional College of building and economy.

Vyacheslav Butusov - Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture.

Valery Meladze - Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute.

Vadim and Gleb Samoilov (the group "Agatha Christie") - Ural Polytechnic Institute, radio engineering faculty.

Svetlana Surganova - Music School violin, Medical School and the St. Petersburg Academy of Pediatrics.

The selection could not trace the relationship between the number of completed schools and selected specialty and successful person.

but observed that "politics and business" gravitate to the economic and legal education, and athletes - to pedagogical and management.Representatives of the creative team of diverse and varied in their original educational preferences.Apparently, this dispersion of interests pushing their rich inner world and the desire for creative expression.

add that among the most successful and famous people of our country, the Russians entirely without education, we almost missed.

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