How to read the prayer on the wish fulfillment?

One of the most requested and popular prayer is prayer in the fulfillment of a wish.Her pronounced in the temple, looking at the Holy Face, at home, before going to bed, breaks in work and while traveling, at any point in life everyone can turn to God with their request.Many do not realize that praying and thus asked the Almighty desired, others deliberately carried out this ritual.But the main thing is that prayer for execution of desire always works, but under one condition: that your aspirations are to be sinless.

Sometimes some dream or goal is to find something, to achieve something eating us from the inside.Often people are stymied by the fact that they see ways to the solution of the problems that lead them to implement what they want.In such a situation can help a prayer for execution of desire, which is simple and accessible to everyone of us.It is advisable to appeal to the Lord was going on all the rules, but the request may be delivered at home and in other settings, the main thing - sincere, from the heart.

rules are as follows: with a variety of requests often people turn to St. Nicholas saints, miracle worker whose image is present in every Orthodox church.Less appeal to Martyr Tryphon or Our Lady of Kazan.When the prayer on the fulfillment of a wish, nothing around should not distract you, you should be fully focused on their request and addressed to the saint canonized.In the words addressed to the icon, be sure to point out that St. Nicholas Ugodnik when life is not denied to those who suffer, and even after she helped the needy.Do not forget that all the will of God, therefore, require early implementation desired is not necessary.

As the Christianity forcefully also have angels.That they can be accessed with your request, wishing her a speedy implementation.Like a prayer to God in the fulfillment of a wish, a request to the angels must be sincere, selfless and have no bad intentions.It is desirable that this appeal was pronounced at bedtime when there quietly and no one bothers you.

To enhance the prayer, you can also hold a religious ceremony, which will bring to you what you want.To do this, purchase a 7 icons:

  • icon of "All Saints";
  • Nicholas;
  • Kazan Mother of God;
  • icon of the Savior;
  • Seraphim of Sarov;
  • Virgin "Consolation";
  • icon corresponding to your name.

7 Make notes of the foregoing there is a desire, attach them with wax to the face of every saint and arrange the icons on the desktop, ustelennom white tablecloth.Now the icon of each light a candle, and as long as the latter does not burn, ask God for what you want.

exist in other religions prayers that help realize their dreams, for example, in Islam.As stated in the Qur'an, Allah loves it when people worship him, and in such a case is ready to exercise all of their requests.The main thing - to choose the right time for reference.So, on the first night on the Friday of the month of Rajab, everyone who supports this Eastern religion, prayer is to wish-fulfillment.Muslim tradition also says that the day before the appeal to Allah observe a strict fast.The very need to say a prayer 70 times.