Bad mood during pregnancy eliminate family album

bad mood during pregnancy - this is not the exception but rather the rule, because in women there are hormonal changes that affect the mental state.Nine months seem to be not just a long life, but infinite.Bad mood will help to overcome a look at these months is the most wonderful in life, all you need to do - is to capture you.

can make the whole story of my mother's belly in pictures.Photographing itself becomes fun and help distract from the obsessive thoughts.Start the process

When should you start taking pictures yourself?A bad mood can not only overcome, but warn, so you can start creating an album, without waiting for the moment when the belly becomes noticeable.You can capture a moment of joy when the woman only knew what would become a mother.What is it can be a photo?It can be a picture of US, it might just be the picture pairs.The main thing that a photo was unusual, creative, recalls the event.If the long-awaited second child, the photo may be a picture - a child hugging her mother's tummy, or listen to it.These photos not only cheer up my mother, but to help the older child to accept a new member of the family.

Photographing in full growth

bad mood will never visit if taking photos throughout the entire period of growth of the abdomen.An excellent occasion for shooting could be the moment when she learned that her favorite jeans are no longer able to button at the waist.You can capture a shopping trip and fitting clothes for expectant mothers.Photos should reflect the love of a mother for the future baby, then to show that the child has been long-awaited, and the parents were looking forward to when the crumb will be born.Funny pictures that can lift your mood, will body art - painted belly.The drawing can participate and older children.

Photo diversify life

pictures help make the chore around the house more interesting, for example, the preparation of delicious dishes for your beloved can also be sealed.You can experiment with the position of the abdomen, such as the tummy looks interesting in one of the sports regulations, lying down or sitting.Homework and sports training are not a burden, but in the fun with the camera and the camera helps to forget what a bad mood.Pregnancy is decorated with a woman, so look at yourself in the mirror for half an hour before shooting and change orders is not necessary.

Mom and Dad together

photographed must not only my mother, but also to make a joint photo with the Pope, which can turn into some interesting game.For example, you can take pictures of your favorite habits Pope: Mother tickling, pinching her, kiss on the cheek.One embodiment of the photo - to dress up in costumes ridiculous and absurd and become each other belly, dad can stick out your stomach to make it interesting.You can be photographed naked.This photograph will be for the sexiest man.You can shoot in a translucent veil or clothing.During pregnancy, it is necessary not only to prepare for motherhood, but to be a woman.

Compilation album

the accumulation of photos, you can begin to make a family album.Incidentally, there may be several.It will be interesting to print the photo yourself.The most successful and attractive photos, you can hang in the bedroom, that will be a wonderful decoration of the interior.You can do a lot of photos in the form of paintings.Family album can be a whole wall of photos with interesting and funny comments, some clippings from magazines.Making collages is also not prohibited.Games with pictures - it's not just entertainment and fun, but kind of psychotherapy.

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