Interesting facts about Switzerland.

What associations first appear in person to hear the word "Switzerland"?Watches, cheese, chocolate, penknives, banks, mountains, alpine meadows ... and perhaps that's all.But this country is very interesting and unusual.In this article we look at some interesting facts about Switzerland.

little about the country

Switzerland - a very unique country, small even by European standards, which, however, contains a lot of interesting and unusual.According to the inhabitants of this country, its main asset is the nature: eternal glaciers, mountain ranges, alpine meadows and blue lakes and waterfalls.Here, a relatively small area there are 1,484 lakes.Many of them are of glacial origin - is the unique beauty of ponds and transparency.This can be seen even in the picture given in the article.Switzerland is unusual in that no matter where in the country you are, a maximum of twenty kilometers from you will be the most beautiful lake suitable for swimming.Mountains cover two thirds of its territory.In this regard, we are considering the state recognized as the most mountainous in Europe.Approximately 14 percent of the area of ​​the country is occupied by nature reserves and parks, which preserve the pristine nature.

political order

Even considering the political structure of the country, you can find interesting facts about Switzerland.It turns out that it is the only country in the world, the confederation.It has become a tradition for a long time.In the Middle Ages it actually had a confederal arrangement.Modern Switzerland is actually a federal republic.Interesting is the fact that this country has not officially the capital.However, this function is performed by the city of Bern.In Switzerland, the president is elected for a term of one year.And, most interestingly, he was appointed by one of the seven members of the Federal Council.

Socio-political situation

The country has four official languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh (Romansh).The rarest language in Switzerland - is Romansh, it speaks less than one percent of the population.Despite the fact that this country is in the center of Europe and is not included in the European Union, there is a huge number of offices and headquarters of various international organizations, including the Red Cross, the UN, the WHO, WTO, FIFA, FIBA, CERN, IOC and others.

referendum in Switzerland

Another one interesting fact is considered that the legislation of the country allowed to hold a referendum every Sunday.However, in practice they are carried out only once a year.According to the results of such a referendum in the state prohibited the construction of new minarets.In Switzerland, there are only six of these architectural structures.However, its main function (announcement of tax on prayer), they can not carry out, as it will lead to a violation of the law of silence.

Interesting facts about Switzerland

consider some interesting information about this country.

1. Switzerland is in the middle of Western Europe and access to the sea does not have, however, has a very large fleet.Home Navigation Company of Lake Geneva is the owner of the largest number of ships inland waters of Europe.

2. Military service is compulsory for all men between the ages of up to thirty years.Its duration is 260 days, but they are distributed for ten years.According to the law, from the service, you can "hang", it will have to list for 30 years in the state fund three percent of all their income.

3. In Switzerland, before the mobile phone as a communication tool used by singing without words - yodel.

4. In Geneva, on the waterfront of the English garden are the biggest flower clock in the world.Its dial has a diameter of five meters, it consists of 6500 live flowers.

5. In order to cut down a tree in Switzerland, you must obtain a special permit, even if the plant is growing on your own plot of land.

6. In this country grow in abundance mushrooms, but nobody collects and do not eat.

There is much to learn

collecting interesting facts about Switzerland, it may be noted and its achievements.

1. In this state, built: the highest concrete dam in the world (285 meters), the world's longest tunnel (57 kilometers), and the highest mountain on the continent cableway (3820 meters).

2. Despite the fact that the country is Switzerland by two-thirds consists of mountains, it is known for its exports of milk and cheese.She is a native peasant state, but produces the best timepieces in the world.One hundred and fifty years ago, Switzerland was one of the poorest countries in Europe, and today - is the realm of global banking corporations.

3. The citizens of this country are the most inventive in the world.After all, a million residents of Switzerland in 2286 accounted patents.The closest competitors are the Dutch - 1427 patents;South Koreans - 1139 patents;and Japanese - 1118 patents.

4. The average wage is 5,000 francs (US $ 3,900) and the minimum - 3,500 francs ($ 2,700).Inflation in the country is less than one percent per year.

5. Medicine in Switzerland is very modern and very high quality, but the fee includes the mandatory insurance.According to the citizens of this country who have visited the United States, the American standard of health care at the level of the Stone Age in comparison with the "birthplace of the cheese."

Switzerland interesting facts for kids

children in Switzerland start school with four years, but the study only four days a week.An interesting fact is that free higher education, not only for citizens but also for foreigners.Swiss private schools are considered the best in the world.Education is worth 25 thousand a year (800 thousand rubles).

little about lakes

1. Lake Leman (Geneva) is the second largest in Europe.

2. Lucerne or Firvaldshtetterzee.This lake, without a doubt, is the most picturesque in the country.It is surrounded by mountain peaks covered with a white blanket, and along its shores spread magnificent emerald forests.

3. Lake Lugano is located in the south, on the border with Italy.

4. Maggiore-Locarno.This lake is characterized by mild Mediterranean climate and lush vegetation, and the Italian landscape.

5. Murten - quiet little pond right oval.It is a favorite vacation spot of inhabitants of the surrounding towns.

6. Lake Brienz and Thun.These bewitching beauty of reservoirs located in the heart of Switzerland, in the foothills of the Alps.There are all conditions for active sports: skiing, windsurfing, sailing.On Lake Brienz is a stunning waterfall Gissbah, he falls from the glacier directly into the pond.

7. Neuchatel pond.It is a beautiful mountain lake framed by low peaks of Jura, located in the western part of the country, in the Valley of the Hours, near the French border.

8. Zurich pond.It's not the largest lake, but on its shore is the largest city in Switzerland, it is the financial and economic capital of the country.

This awesome Switzerland

1. Mountain. Map of Switzerland shows 48 peaks which rise to a height of 4,000 meters - the most among all the Alpine countries.With these monumental natural structures involves a lot of different records.For example, here it is the highest mountain railway station in Europe - Jungfraujoch (3454 m);the steepest cable cars, mountain trains and, of course, the longest glacier in Europe - Aletch (23 kilometers).

2. The slowest train in the world. Panoramic "Glacier Express" overcomes 291 kilometer traveled for eight hours.Its average speed is 42 kilometers per hour.Despite this, the passengers could hardly manage to capture the wondrous beauty of the country.On his way express rises to a height of 2033 meters, 91 overcomes the tunnel and the bridge 291.

3. Sparkling holiday. in Zurich each year in Europe works largest indoor Christmas market.It is set Christmas spruce, which is decorated with more than seven thousand Swarovski crystals.In the market you can buy unique gifts, handcrafted souvenirs and delicious treats.

4. No smog. Switzerland has twelve ski resorts.They categorically prohibited the movement of road transport.Here, even the urban services are electric cars.

5. hot. Switzerland has the highest placed and largest thermal spa resort - Leukerbad.Daily thirty local pools pumped more than 3.9 million liters of water at a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius.