Punctuation: The importance of the use and production rule

Any modern written text will be wrong if it does not contain graphic elements, which are called punctuation marks.Without them it is impossible to understand the boundaries of sentences and the text is hard to perceive, its subject and problem.
Punctuation isolated, separated and shared by different parts of the proposals.Each of punctuation is needed for the Russian language, otherwise it will happen confusion, and people just can not understand the simplest things.As a result, there may be complex and protivorchesivye situation.
in modern texts of literary, scientific, business and journalistic nature will certainly need punctuation, among which is the period, comma, question and exclamation marks, colons, dashes, semicolons, dots, quotes, brackets.Moreover, each of these characters perform their individual functions.
most frequently used in the proposals considered in terms signs and commas.It is not hard to prove, because without a point at the end, it will be considered incomplete, and commas are used to separate and highlight parts of the proposal and its members.

Punctuation in sentences play the same role as in the text: without written speech can lose meaning or distorted in the opposite direction.Therefore, when writing any text you need to carefully arrange them, while guided by the rules.
Staging point in a simple sentence is justified if it homogeneous parts of the sentence - both major (subject and predicate) and secondary (add-ons, determine the circumstances), and they should not be linked to the unions, that is, when there is a connection or conjunctionlessunions, but they are repetitive.
to a simple sentence, complicated homogeneous members characterized and colon if there is a generalized word, and it is in front of them.If a generalized word is after, then you need to put a dash.
with a comma in a simple sentence segregate definition representing participial and circumstances which are participial turnover.
to a simple sentence is typical formulation such as a punctuation mark dash.It usually separates one from the other principal term (the subject of the predicate) if they are a noun in the nominative singular, verbs in the infinitive form, numerals.
Punctuation in a complex sentence are the same as in the simple.Most often in complex sentences like slozhnosochinennogo and of complex comma between simple.
compound sentence includes simple sentences joined intonation and separated by commas.The proposals of this kind in the event of a rapid change of events is necessary to put a dash.In the compound sentences, parts of which are highly prevalent, with a semicolon.
complex sentence contains punctuation such as commas in which the main part of the join clauses, and the connection is provided by the addition of subordinating the union or the union speech.For
conjunctionless complex sentence intonation characteristic connection with the part separated by a comma or a semicolon.But such a proposal could be such punctuation as a colon and a hyphen.

in a complex sentence with asyndetic bond, the second of which contains the reason, an explanation and an addition of what is written in the first, these parts are separated by a colon.Setting suitable dash if the second part is a quick change of events, the result of opposition to what was said in the first part.
Punctuation member of our written language and help to understand the thought correctly.