Payment of the state duty: how best to do it?

Often in life there may be situations when you need to pay the state fee.The reason in most cases, could serve as the need for services provided by the government or participate in the proceedings.However, regardless of the reason why the state tax payment is carried out, it must be carried out.

way how this can be done, there are several.Payment of the state duty, as well as fines carried out in all branches of the Savings Bank through operators.Also for this purpose can be used Sberbank self-service devices (terminals), which will help to avoid huge queues at the bank.

You can use the mail service.The list of services is almost quite broad and it also provides for payment of a fee.For payment, you must have completed a receipt or you have to know the exact details of the beneficiary.But before the payment specify, whether the post office provides similar services?

pay state fees through the Internet - this is very convenient.Enjoy this service more often young people, but it is rapidly gaining popularity among other age groups.You can pay the toll by going to the national site of the Federal Tax Service or visit the region.Here, in addition, it has the opportunity to learn of any taxes payable.

Let's look at the detailed rules of payment of state fees through the Internet.Internet users have the opportunity, without addressing himself to the tax authority, create a payment document on payment of state fees.This new service will help determine OKATO and the IRS, as well as the kind of state fees and payment sum.

When completing the form is mandatory are specified:

- address of the payee duties;

- passport details of the payer;

- service (type of duty), for which payment is made;

- bank details (full) of the recipient and the sender.

pay state fees using the Internet has its advantages.For example, payment of registration fee for the driving license, carried out in this manner, will be twice cheaper.In addition, it does not require a visit to the Savings Bank branch in person.

Depending on what it paid the state fee, pay lines may be different.If it is the replacement of the primary or receipt of the documents, the payment is carried out prior to their receipt.The documents are issued only in the provision of a receipt for payment.

If necessary, pay the court proceedings in terms depend on the time of the hearing.If this is the Constitutional Court, it is necessary to make the payment before filing a lawsuit.In the courts of general importance, the board shall be held within 10 days, which includes the day of judgment in the case, which is considered.

It should be noted that the payment of the state fee should be carried out at the place of action.For example, if you apply to the arbitration court of the city of Moscow and the Moscow area, and the recipient of the tax payment, respectively to the tax authorities in Moscow.