What to do if you experience allergic to the bite lice?

Do not underestimate the danger that pose a common gnats: their bites can cause severe allergic reactions.The situation is complicated by the fact that they can damage not only the skin, but also to get into the respiratory tract, ears and even eyes.An allergy to the bite of a midge may appear due to the fact that during the contact, she injects a special poison.It is because of its toxic effect occurs redness, itching, and may develop reactions of varying severity.Often in the bite appears urticaria arise tumor or increased pressure may start swelling of the airways, thereby develops dyspnea.

If you have at least once been allergic to the bite of a midge, the rest of your life you'd better carry effective antihistamines.Prevent contact with these insects is simply impossible, so much better if you are prepared and able to help your body even before the reaction.So, as soon as you realize that you have been bitten by some kind of midge, take anti-allergy agent.

But even if you have no problems, and how are allergic to the bite of lice, you do not know better than to ask what to do if this unpleasant contact with insects occurred.So, on the site of the bite it is usually a small wound that will hurt and itch.Importantly, do not comb it, and immediately disinfected: for this purpose, you can use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vodka, or in extreme cases even perfume.This disinfect the surface of the skin and prevent infection.Also, try not to comb problematic place: to help cope with itching poultice of baking soda (to do this, add to it a little bit of water to produce a slurry) or lemon slices.

wound healing usually no more than 2-3 days, if the process is delayed, it is best to contact the hospital.It is possible that allergic to stings of midges you still there, it just appears weak.The doctor will assess the situation and find a suitable antihistamine.Do not underestimate the problem, if the first contact with the insects have a long time to heal the bite, then the next time may develop a severe allergic reaction.Also, do not hesitate to visit the hospital if you develop swelling of the throat, nose, eyes, joints near the damaged areas, there are signs of intoxication, or the reaction became slow.

Whether you have an allergy to the bite of a midge or not before you go out of town to the country or just a walk in the woods, it is best to handle themselves mosquito.They are able to protect against most types of insects.After all, the principle of operation of repellents based on that used in sprays, ointments and lotions chemicals repel black flies, mosquitoes, and so on. N. If you think that the serious problems of small insects can not be, then see how are allergic to stings:photos, which are clearly visible all the damage to the skin, swelling, widely represented in the medical literature.