Onyx: Stone property, description and use of magic

Onyx - a type of agate, which are seen parallel layers of different colors.In the world there are several types of onyx, and the names of varieties are distinguished by the color, and the combination of layers.For example, Arabic onyx - is alternating black with white stripes, and if the layers of red and white, then it will be a carnelian.Sardonyx - alternating layers of white and brown, and the stone, in which alternate layers of gray with white, called chalcedony, onyx.

Properties stone all its forms caused by the same type of energy they bring stability and help the owner firmly and correctly calculate the different situations and all possible options to resolve them.At business meetings, he helps the parties to assess risk and to sign the contract, taking into account the mutual benefits.That is why the offices of managers are often found objects made of onyx.According to the Bible, it is stone- "dog": the watchman of madness and fire can become onyx.

stone properties in medicine, too, have been seen.With its help relieve stress, balance the nervous system.If you want your internal organs work better, then wear the onyx on the body, the magic stone will definitely help.If you have had a fracture or other trauma surgery, it is believed that the Onyx is sure to help with the recovery.

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magic stone used since ancient times in many countries.In ancient Rome, for example, was considered a very powerful talisman onyx.In Muslim temples it was inserted into the wall.In India, we are doing the dishes made of onyx.People who enjoyed such dishes, becomes fun and they love prevailed.If you want to distribute the full time and use it, onyx (rock properties) can help in this.This mineral like attracts good luck and strengthens the power of the spirit, so he was a mascot at the leaders, pioneers, and even military leaders used it magical properties.Amulets, amulets made of onyx Defense you from witches and evil spirits.Onyx is most appropriate terrestrial zodiac signs, which are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.The only signs that absolutely contraindicated wearing this stone, considered to be twins.

particular note is the black onyx.Properties distinctive - color from gray to black.It not parallel strips, which are characteristic for all other species.A ring of black onyx or onyx - a talisman for good men.It is sure to bring good luck to the owner of the business, make it more adventurous, give it energy and arouse in man a passion for enrichment.

Onyx, rock properties and its beautiful colors could not be overlooked by many poets of the East, that the singing stone, comparing it with the eyes of a gazelle or saw him as the beloved eyes.The peoples of the Caucasus appreciated onyx and decorated their hats kings and queens, he was really craving for rich brides and high nobility.In China, by contrast, tried to stay away from this stone, as seen in the eyes of the woman who died there.In the Christian religion, this gem is dedicated to one of the apostles - Philip.