Moon in Aquarius man: the influence.

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Moon in Aquarius in men gives it independence of views and opinions, the desire for freedom, slowness in the relationship.Lunar Aquarians are in search of truth and eternal love.Their originality attracts the hearts of men.Such men are ready to help and take care of.Independence and emotional restraint - these are the main characteristics of the lunar Aquarians.Only the closest people are willing to open up their internal resources and trust the true feelings.

Natal chart

Horoscopes person that filled the media space, are averaged, to generalize.They are the forecasts for all zodiac signs.These horoscopes are more for entertainment.They are made in general terms for all lovers of astrology.

natal chart - the individual horoscope person.It is built on the basis of a minute, hour, day, month, year, geographical location at the moment of birth.The natal chart is composed of a circle, which is divided into 12 parts (houses).Each house determines the sphere of human life.

Planet fixed at birth, are located in houses and indicate the character traits predict future events.In the last century was a punishment natal astrologer.It is calculated on the books, in which the house was a sign of the planet at the time of birth.

In recent years natal card can form by special computer programs.Man, knowing the time and place of birth, receive his natal chart.It will tell you what events can we expect in the future, any internal reserves incorporated from birth what circumstances can help achieve success.

So, the Moon in Aquarius, a man or a woman suggests that the person is in a constant search.Plans, exciting ideas - an opportunity to try their hand at something new, extraordinary.

Meaning of the Moon in the horoscope

When compiling an individual horoscope must be considered, in which house and what phase Earth satellite was at the time of birth.What planet is nearby, reinforcing or offsetting effect of the Moon.Harmoniously or whether it is in opposition?In hard aspect or fixed box?

too much in individual horoscope depends on the overall picture of the alignment of the planets.Therefore, to talk about the influence of one of the moon can be divided in isolation from other aspects.

moon - a symbol of the soul.In the horoscope it indicates the spiritual qualities of personality, hidden reserves.Secret desires, interests, emotions, sensuality - the nuances of forming the Moon.It influences the choice of a life partner, domestic relations, harmony, love and marriage.

Moon and Venus

Luna decides to compatibility issues.Its presence in a particular house, the sign of the zodiac gives more human characteristics.

For romance in relationships is responsible and Venus.It governs feelings, model amorous behavior.Generates aesthetic tastes, pleasure (physical and spiritual), morality and human affection.

Moon in Aquarius men gives them a desire for freedom and independence.To live outside or restrictions.Arrange your life based on your own facilities and concepts.To protect its external borders, allowing in your life just selected.

If stored and Venus, and the Moon in Aquarius - a man clearly expressed desire for solitude.This is twice the desire for freedom.Their tire vivid emotions, impulsiveness.These men prefer a leisurely exchange of views and ideas.They prefer women with innovative thinking, sophisticated intellect, unusual hobby.

Moon in the sign of Aquarius men

Such men are often difficult to understand others.Their reaction - a sharp, swift, angular.They find it difficult to find a common language with strangers.This lunar Aquarians - good, loyal friends.They are willing to help their loved ones to defend their interests.But coldness, aloofness, the desire to reduce loneliness in time a circle of friends.

Moon in Aquarius men gives them a desire for a new, unexplored.Curiosity drives them to experiment (in the work, business, personal relationships).Ill-considered actions can lead to a sad experience.But the good intuition, foresight allow such men to avoid serious danger.

Similarities lunar Aquarians

Lunar Aquarians - independent men.They love to noble deeds and ideas.They have a lot of interest, and thinking outside the box can reveal unusual talent.This charming, friendly people for a narrow circle of friends.

Lunar Aquarians prefer friendly, soratnicheskie relationship with the woman.Common interests are more important than romance sighs and looks.Such men do not show loving relationship.Sincere emotions hidden deep inside.

Moon in Aquarius gives instability of a man in love affection.Their feelings are fickle and unpredictable.The thing is that they can not fully understand himself - too thin and versatile their inner world.A reluctance to depend on the female leads them to search for the perfect lover.Thus they avoid the random connections.Charm moon Aquarius attracts women.But he clearly shared interests and one-time relationship.

Influence of Black Moon

Black Moon (Lilith) personifies the hidden, unrealized desires.This "shadow" side of man, which usually do not tell.

Black Moon at the man in charge of the secret sexual desires, power struggle, a painful experience.It forms the image of the female type, the characteristics of which may lead (or have already) to the painful, painful relationships.

The Lilith natal chart indicates karmic events that can be repeated regularly.If it is configured with the moon overhead, Sun, Ascendant - such people have a magical attraction.The opposite sex, as if under hypnosis lends itself to their charm and influence.

Lilith in Aquarius

Black Moon in Aquarius in men signals of past shortcomings.It is a dark karma that should work in the current incarnation.This is a man who in the past undermined the foundations of the faith of others, suppressed or imprisoned, destroyed dreams and ideals, had a devastating effect on the spirit and the physical body.In general, it is cynical, treacherous, incests.

in the life of a man can not only be repeated features of the past incarnation, and the possible ways for redemption.That is, in this embodiment, a man with Lilith in Aquarius will be surrounded by treachery, deceit, problems with the law (possible prison), the collapse of plans and prospects, painful loneliness.

If a person wants to atone for past guilt, he should not give in to provocations fate.Avoid indifference, contempt for the people.Do not tempt not create illusions.Choose a profession, interests associated with helping people.Do not delude own freedom.Feel the brink of good and evil, not to confuse these concepts.Do not let it go, to abandon the lack of initiative.

Moon in Aquarius men: Compatibility

Moon Aquarius sometimes it seems that they are not set up for the family.In fact, for these terrible misunderstanding than loneliness.Therefore, these men prefer not to create long-term alliances.

Under secretive they hide kindness, responsibility, desire to be helpful.Moon Aquarius appreciates intellect.That woman's mind is the basis for his interest.Just then the man will draw emotional and sexual quality.

Loyalty to a single elected shall Moon in Aquarius in men.Image wife recorded in his subconscious, and it will always look for a partner with a certain set of characteristics.

It must be a woman, stands out from the crowd.Mind you, bright appearance, original hobby - does not matter.The main thing that it was not boring.Easy to open, such as free as he is - these are the main features of which are looking for the moon Aquarius.Its originality should not suppress, restrict man.Lack of control, full of trust - the key to a harmonious union.

Lunar Aquarians are the signs of the zodiac

Moon in Aquarius in men gives a strong character, detachment, a heightened sense of justice, a desire to help.For each sign of the zodiac, it makes its own individual characteristics.

Looking at the Moon in Aquarius, the sign of a man, it is necessary to consider one more feature.A typical representative of his mark - the one with the sun at the time of birth was in this zodiac sign.For example, without the other planets, the typical Aries - the Sun is in the constellation of Aries, from Capricorn - Sun in Capricorn.

Fire signs Aries

.Male Aries with Moon in Aquarius openly shows his feelings.He is friendly, impulsive.Seek justice, always ready to support good causes.

Leo .Imperious, bright male lion has inexhaustible reserves of love.But the moon in Aquarius does not fully manifest feelings.Therefore, the partner will have only guess about its serious intentions.

Sagittarius .Most of all freedom-loving Aquarius moon.Bright individuality wins women's hearts.But it will not keep neither love nor cozy house.If the partner agrees with his eternal freedom - a union can last.

Earth signs Taurus

.Male Taurus - creative, artistic personality.His spiritual wealth he throws inspiration, creative impulse.Beloved woman will be satisfied with stable, smooth relations without emotional hues and romantic episodes.

Virgin .He never gives up his freedom man Virgo.Moon in Aquarius reinforces the desire to avoid long-term alliances.Its critical to women creates a lot of difficulties to overcome misunderstandings.

Capricorn .Inconsistent man Capricorn longer keen on the acquisition of material goods.Partner have long to doubt his feelings.But if it is defined, then the woman will feel safe.

Air signs Gemini

.Man creative, unorthodox - he is always in search of adventure and new ideas.He is interested in too fast to linger for a long time with one woman.As Sagittarius, it is difficult to keep in one place, with one partner.

Libra. charming man Libra attracts the attention of the opposite sex.He refined and romantic idealist.But it can be difficult to break between the desire to be with the woman he loved and the desire to travel.

Aquarius .The main feature of the Aquarius men to the Moon in Aquarius - risk appetite.Such men choose their dangerous profession, hobbies.They realized and the desire to help people.Freedom-loving, unpredictable, it will surprise your partner throughout life.

Water signs Cancer

.At first glance, the male cancer pleased with homey feel and comfort.But measured, quiet life changes dramatically.He can throw a trick at any time.Beloved woman will only have to wait for a change of mood.Then the man-Cancer will return to normal.

Scorpio .The nature of male Scorpio with the Moon in Aquarius is characterized by deep feelings.It was there raging passion and emotion, maintaining outward calm.An amazing intuition, foresight common among these men.

Fish .Increased sensitivity, vulnerability accompany the man-fish.His romantic dreams are not always translated into reality.Perfect love can be only in dreams.He is too fragile for a real relationship.