Change of registered office: you need to know

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In certain cases, the change of the legal address of the organization is simply necessary.Change it is not so easy for the reason that the need to make the necessary information in the register, thus removing old information.It is possible that a change in the legal address of the company will result in the need to change the tax inspectorate.

Legal - exactly the address where the company is located or, at least, should be.Not so rare that the legal address does not match with the actual.Blame is not that other, as the gaps in the legislation.

Change of registered office is only possible when the founders sign a lease or else get a specific room a letter of guarantee - that is a document proving that the transaction will be completed immediately after the founders of the necessary actions.

Change of registered office is only possible after the relevant decision at the general meeting.Minutes later it will be necessary to submit to the tax office along with all other papers.

Change of registered office should proceed in stages.Of course, it all starts with the collection and documentation.Is preparing a new edition of constituent documents.

statement to the IRS on Form filled R13001.Notarial his assertion will be made only after the notary statement from the register, the old and new versions of constituent documents, minutes of the general meeting.

prepare all the necessary documentation, shareholders are sent to the registering authority.It should be noted that Moscow should contact the IRS № 46. If executed correctly, then after a certain time will be issued a certificate of Amendments.After this it is necessary to re-register in the extra-budgetary funds.

After a change of address may have problems with the mail, as well as secretarial services.All quickly alert does not work, which means that a lot of important correspondence simply disappear.How to be?You can order such service as "mail service".In Moscow, it provides the company "FINEC."

This service will help not to lose the desired letter.Let us not forget that the mailing address may come not only information from contractors, but also warning of a regular check.Experience shows that due to the move lost a lot of important notifications.

it possible to move, but keep all the documents intact?As already mentioned, some organizations are located not at the place of registration.On the legality of this debate a lot.The point is that the law does not distinguish between legal and actual address.It can be concluded that for such punishment can not.Is it all good?No not like this.If the firm is not where it should be, it means that the founders made in the Unified information are false.For such an act responsibility in our legislation already exists.