American girls names: options and values

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Last name derives from the kind of people one generation to the next.Initially, they were only rich and noble people.After the abolition of serfdom and began to give their former serfs.Most often they were composed by the name of the former owner.That is why there are namesakes who have absolutely no relationship.As

formed names?

They could be formed from the father's name (for example, Ivanov, Petrov, Ilyin).They could point to a profession person (Kuznetsov, Goncharov).Some characterize human appearance - Krasavin, Bezborodov - or describe his inner qualities (eg, Bogomolov, kind, etc..).However, to unravel the value of the names correctly is not always possible.There is a special science - onomastics, which tries to understand the mystery of proper names.

We get the full name of the father and can not choose it.However, after age everyone is free to take a pseudonym.Some take French, Spanish, American family.Girls tend to be more concerned with this issue, especially if the father's name dissonant.

American families, girls: how do they feature?

As we know from history, the main inhabitants of America - immigrants from Europe, Africa and other countries.The only difference is in the time of their migration.Most of them are preserved when moving their names.But then they are modified, adjusting to the English language.Some were reduced, other changing some sounds.Indians and Africans were given names by the nickname.

As a result, American families, women and men did not differ.Initially, the differences were, for example, if the Americans are Bulgarian.However, some of them just have a specifically feminine sound.

most popular American names and the names of the girls

To date, the most popular are the following American surnames: Smith, Williams, Miller, Taylor, Brown, Davis.For example, names such as Moore, Thomas, Walker, Houston, Bellows, Stone et al. Are much less common.

What sways names, there is also very broad scope.Most American women's names in tune with our own, but are pronounced differently.For example, Helen, Catherine, Joan, Hannah, and others. There are less familiar to the Russian ear, Betty, Carolyn, Judy, Goldie, Amelie.Popular names of American stars such as Rihanna, Jennifer, Charlize and so. D.

values ​​some American names and the names of the girls

American families, girls, as noted above, have a different origin.Let's try to define the meaning of some of them.

Most families, who came to America from England, are in line with their names.For example, Henry, Owen, Thomas.Very nice sounding names with prefixes Mc (poppy) and D '(n).They both represent the relationship of the father, for example, McMillan - son of Milan, or O'Brien - son Brian.The prefix "Mac" came from Scotland, and the "O" from Ireland.

Part names formed from the names of the area.For example: English, Irish, Wales, Welsh, and so on. D. As it is easy to determine where the person was born.Some also refer to the profession or position (Parker, Forester, Foster, Sheriff, Burgess).Most often, they were formed from nicknames.It could be any public office, agricultural profession, hobby, craft and so on. D.

Just as the Russian names, some American have been formed by human characteristics.Maybe in the future, the connection between nature and man's name was lost.In addition, sometimes the calls directly opposite quality: such as fear - for a beautiful person.This group includes the following names: Bigg, Strong, Low, Little.

should be noted that a large group is made up of beautiful American names for the girls, who came from Spain, Germany, Greece and so on. D. However, most of them have mutated over time and acquired the English sound.