How beautiful is?

All people know that there are different rules of behavior at the table.But in more detail in these few people understand.For many, it is sufficient that they know which hand you need to hold a knife, and to what extent - the plug.However, this is very small.In this article, I want to talk about how to behave properly at the table.

on etiquette

First of all I must say that there are different kinds of behavior in this or that institution or even one country or another.If you understand how beautiful it is, this issue will be absolutely one of the European countries in which the table to behave the minimum quiet and Asian, where thanks to the owner for a delicious dinner and expressed loud champing smack.Also, the behavior in the restaurant and visiting relatives at the table may differ slightly.

Restaurant Etiquette

understand how beautiful it is, it is very important to those people who occasionally visit various restaurants.So, here it is important to behave already immediately after it crosses the threshold of the establishment.It is important to remember that the maitre d 'greets visitors, talks about whether there are empty seats, and holds up to the desired table.Also in his duty to take the robe visitors.Come to the table, the man (if guests came heterosexual) must first help the lady to sit down, a little pushing her chair, then he is going down alone.It is also important to remember how to sit properly at the table.With regard to the provisions of boys should be in front of the woman or her left.If the lady a little late, the man can take a seat at the table, but when the maitre d 'to hold it to the designated place, the guy definitely stands up as a sign of respect.

Choice Order

When a couple is already at the table, the waiter always served menu.Select the desired dish is slowly, in such institutions are not made in a hurry.Most often, the waiter sees that the guests are ready to order something, and he will do.But you can flick of the wrist staff beckon to him.Order makes first woman, and only then - a man.However, the woman can ask the guy to do it for her, it is also permitted.If guests can not determine the choice of wine, they can ask for advice from the waiter.You can also consult with him about this or that food is permitted by the rules of etiquette.


How to behave at the table, until the order has not arrived yet?At this time, guests can chat quietly.The first is likely to bring the wine waiter.Uncork the bottle only restaurant employee, a man should not break away from the place to do it.First drink is served to the ladies, and then the guys.As for food, they begin to eat only after everyone at the table has already ordered dishes.


Analyzing how beautiful it is, it is also important to remember that in the restaurants is strictly prohibited to raise the floor falling objects.This will make the waiter.He must bring the device clean.If there was confusion and broken, for example, a plate or a glass, do not worry.Just the restaurant include its cost in the bill, and the case will be closed.No scandal about this suit will not.If you want a dish of salt and salt is on the other side of the table, drag yourself behind it is not necessary, it is necessary to ask blizsidyaschego simply apply what you need.It is also important to remember decibels: talking in the restaurant needed so as not to disturb others.

How to sit

Analyzing how beautiful it is, it is important to remember that you need to sit at the table.So, Do not put your elbows on the table, to collapse on a chair swing on it.Also it is impossible to bend low over the plate.Back sitting should be smooth, do not need to also slouch.However, the posture should be tension and stiffness, it should be naturally.When there is a change of dishes, guests are allowed to slightly lean back in his chair, so as not to interfere with the waiter and a little rest in a comfortable position.

about food

It is worth remembering that the restaurants are not made to take the time to eat meals slowly to enjoy their taste.If the food is pretty hot, you can not blow it.To cool down, you only need to wait a bit, keeping the conversation.If burning was burning food, you can not swing it into his mouth with a tissue or your hands, you can just drink all the water.Various bones, including fruit, is strictly forbidden to spit or to take out of his mouth with his hands.For this is the plug, which is brought to the mouth gently and all unnecessary develops there.If the taste of the dish did not like the man, it can be close to the mouth tissue and bring all to spit it out, without attracting the attention of others disturbances on the matter.

If you want to move

Culture of behavior at the table has its own recommendations about mobile phones.So, if you call the visitor, it can briefly say that the call back can separate from his seat.However, if the call is urgent, it is sure to move.Talking on the phone at the table - bad form.Also, if you need to absent himself, for example, in the bathroom, you need to ask permission from all those present at the table.Nor can communicate with the people sitting at the next table.If it's a friend or just need to ask something, you must stand up and approach them.In the case where the restaurant include familiar, they should be welcome sitting light nodding.A man stands only if his table joins lady.Women are not moving at all times.

end of the meal

When dinner was over, the guests are happy and well fed, they may be asked by the waiter, which would mean that their stay in the institution came to an end.Room service will bring the folder in which will be specified by.It is also important to remember tips - 10% of the order value.Who should pay for - that's another question.Thus, in the post-Soviet countries do mostly men.In European countries, women are actively struggling with this, believing a relic of the past, and it can pay for everyone.When dinner was just a friendly, you can ask the waiter to bring the pre-personal account for each person separate.It is also important to remember and to surrender.If it is needed, one simply silent.If you are in your money, return of which is not necessary, just have to say "no surrender", and this thing is over.It is important to remember that decide who will pay, we must advance, not nice to do it in front of the waiter.You need to know, and to whom it is necessary to express their grievances.Talk about everything that you liked or did not like the maitre d 'need, not the waiter.


But if all of the above is not too drives the ignorant fear, here's how to get along with cutlery - is a science.After all, there are so many different sizes and destination plates, knives, spoons and glasses.Elementary need to know how to hold a fork and how to use it.So, when a person sits down at the table, no matter where it happens - in a restaurant or at home, it must look.Thus, according to the rules of right should be a snack plate, the right of it - the tissue or snack-bar serving patties.On the left of the plate should be spoons and knives on the right - fork.If all of the table is satisfied, it can be concluded that from a guest require certain manners.It should also be remembered that will be located in front of a plate of dessert device, most likely a teaspoon.In the same plate will be wine glasses and wine glasses, they also have their purpose.

How to use cutlery

So, how to hold a fork?This question is often excites people.It is worth remembering that those appliances that are left of the plates, taken with his left hand, those on the right - right.That's all science.Dessert same devices are arranged so that the handle will look to the right or left side.Depending on this, and you need to decide which hand to take them.As for the knife, the end of his pen on the rules should rest in the center of the palm, thumb and middle finger are located on the sides of the blade, the index - in the middle.The rest of the fingers are slightly bent towards the palm.The plug is held during a meal so that its barbs looked down handle as the blade and abuts against the palm.In the event that you need to eat small pieces of food, as well as a side dish - potato puree or pudding, inverted fork teeth up, thus can help with food Typesetting little knife.The spoon is held in the left hand so that its tip is based on an index finger, and the start - on average.If the dish is easily separated, the waiter may submit only the plug, then you need to keep it in his right hand.Now everything is to be understood not only as to hold the knife and fork, and other nuances of use cutlery.Especially since this is not so difficult as it might first seem.


Analyzing how beautiful to eat, it is important to know that also need to be able to get by with a napkin.Often it becomes a matter of decoration of the table, but it has its direct purpose.Before the meal, the napkin should be folded neatly in half and put on an edge to his knees.This will help to protect the suit or dress drops that may spill.Also, this can be a tissue to wipe his hands or mouth after eating or drinking.Hang it over the collar, making the bib, is strictly forbidden.This is inconvenient, and very ugly.Stain your fingers gently and quietly wiped on the upper edge of napkins, which remained on his knees.If you need to wet the lips, lift the napkin, but so that it is completely in his hands, not hung.Blotted (not rubbed) midway wipes his lips, then put it back in place.Never use it as a handkerchief or towel for wet or dirty hands.Also, you can not wipe the cloth cutlery, looking for a spot for them.This can be great to offend the hosts.If this thing down, you should be asked to bring a new one.After eating the napkin is placed on the left of the plate, but never hung in his chair.

About drinks

It's clear that the correct behavior at the table - the key to success of the evening in a cultural institution.It is also important to take a few words and drinks, as well as containers that suit them.The main thing - remember the rule: the stronger the drink, the less the need for a container.Glass - for vodka drinks, Maderna glass - for fixing, glasses or glasses of white and red wine, wine glass, or glass - champagne.First served stronger drinks, then - in ascending order.Wine glasses are filled by two-thirds.

about children is important and etiquette at the table for the children, because kids should also know how to behave in society.However, it should be said that the rules for them to be lighter and more restrained than for adults.And mistakes kids at the table no one should pay special attention.However, the mother or a parent should make crumbs quietly remark, teaching him how to behave.What is important for the children at table manners?It is important that kids know that the table can not talk loudly, laugh, cry.You can not talk with your mouth full, it is ugly, and even harmful to the process of eating.You also can not slurp and smack, this is unacceptable.You must tell your child how to deal with a cloth: it should be used to wipe the stained lips and hands, and when it is not needed - should be on your lap.Also, you need to tell your child that there are dishes that you can eat with your hands, and those for whom it is necessary to use cutlery.Thus, for example, fries, shrimp, fish fingers can easily take his hands one can hold inflorescence cauliflower.But this ends the list of products which are taken without instruments.For unknown reasons, the kids like to eat pasta with their hands, but it is ugly and wrong.Kid about this it is necessary to say.Kids also need to remember that they need to remain at the table as long as it's not to eat.And, of course, it is important to say "thank you" to the owners, who regaled.In the case of the food in the restaurant "thank you" to speak to the head waiter.If it is too heavy for the crumbs of science is the etiquette at the table, pictures - that may very well help in the training.It is only necessary to show the kid a few specific images or video tutorials, and it all becomes clearer.