10 ways to avoid premature aging of the skin

theme of preserving youth are always worried about the woman.Who of us does not want to look great and feel full of energy, strength and health?Useful beauty habits recommended by doctors and beauticians greatly simplify this task.Check it first hand!

Scientists believe that the habit is formed by 21 days.This means that at your disposal for three weeks to change their lives and become more beautiful.Do not miss your chance on the path to eternal youth and health!

Sleep well!

Many of the fair sex prefer to sleep on your side or stomach, face into the pillow.If you do that every day for a long period of time a woman has very quickly formed wrinkles and creases of the skin.And if at the time of dreams slip his hand under the pillow, to the listed "pleasures" of life will be added and a hall near the collarbone.You need it?- Hardly!Therefore, do not tempt fate, sleep properly - on the back.By the way, in this position, your sleep will be more strong, sweet and serene.

Pamper cream not only the face

The beautician woman can always find a couple of different creams.Moisturizing, nourishing, sunscreen and tone they help us to care for and the process of creating make-up.But, alas, sometimes we forget the most important rule of beauty: the person - not the center of the universe.A full care and attention should be throughout the body.Do not spare the cream, then did not have to mourn the lost youth!

Apply the cream pat

The question of beauty is important not to overdo it.Even the best cream, applied hastily, or, conversely, too thoroughly can become a weapon against you.Daily smearing the cream on the skin, we stretch it.Therefore, the motion should be just soft, delicate, cautious.And the eye cream is better to put a dot ring finger.It is believed that he is "weak" and in this case is indispensable.

Grimaces away!

emotional girl age faster.Not only because all close to my heart, and take a lot of experience.In addition, they clearly express their emotions through facial expressions when - frown and squint.In favor of the beauty of this, of course, does not go.Do not spoil the skin - follow facial expressions!Out of excitement and excellent mood to you!

Give up smoking

Female smokers look older than their years.This truth today is not even disputed by fans of women's light cigarettes.Regardless of the presence or absence of filter cigarettes, as well as the amount of harmful substances, smoking is equally bad for the female body.The skin smoking woman looks tired and sluggish, gets yellowish tint and a clear manifestation of couperose spider veins on the nose and cheeks.And this, not to mention the premature wrinkles!The fact is that the substances, which are abundant contained in tobacco smoke, increase the synthesis of enzymes that degrade collagen.Without a sufficient number of recent skin can not be truly healthy and beautiful.

Like water

Transparent clean water - the best friend of our body.When we drink enough fluids, metabolic processes in the body are "like clockwork", derived toxins, improves appearance.The skin moisturized from the inside, as it were.Drink a day up to two liters of water and changes in well-being and appearance are delicious.

Night - Sleep

Night work harm your skin.Even if you get up after 10 o'clock in the morning, go to sleep is still better to 12 o'clock.Remember, when you are resting, your skin "works" - the cells are updated, the processes of recovery and regeneration take place quickly and efficiently.In the afternoon the same time, the skin is spending most of their potential to protect against external environmental factors.

Eat balanced

balanced diet based on healthy criticism and recommendations of nutritionists, will save you from weight fluctuations and, as a consequence of following diets.You will not need to lose weight, subjecting the body to rapid changes with their unpleasant consequences - stretch marks, loss of turgor and attractive skin.Keep your weight is normal, and you'll always look great.

Be energetic!

body of 40-year-old woman who loves sports and her peers, being in the arms of laziness and inactivity are very different.The fact is that the constant physical activity keeps muscles toned and the body in model form.Moderate stress prevents the development of "age-related" diseases, allowing for a long time to enjoy the pleasures of life and its prospects.To work for yourself!

Take healthy fats

fish oil, flaxseed oil and omega-3 - a source of female youth and attractiveness.They prevent the premature formation of wrinkles and sagging skin, remove inflammation, treat allergy and eczema.Accept fatty acids can be in their natural form but can be composed of vitamins of pharmacy.Choose the best option for themselves!

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