What is a fish?

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In this article we will look at the question of what happens to fish.It should be clarified immediately that the word "fish" in the sense of "dish" will not be discussed here.Only live fish, that is a creature that lives in water, we are interested in this case.This superclass aquatic vertebrate animals, the bulk of which is dominated by gill breathing and feeding offspring no special milk glands.

Separation of fish habitat

These beings in this way should be seen on the main grounds - whether they belong to the freshwater, brackish, or the life you want to salt water.As you can see, the question of what happens the fish can be deployed to respond.In the first case is the one that lives exclusively in salt - sea or ocean water.More there are breeds that survive well in both fresh and salt in a medium.This is because that is optimal for them is salty liquid, that is, one in which the ratio of fresh water and salt are in the ratio of about 1000: 1.

inhabitants of the seas and oceans

If the reader is interested in what happens to fish the seas and oceans, the answer is this is not an exhaustive list:

  • tiger shark;
  • flounder;
  • herring;
  • salmon;
  • sea perch;
  • halibut;
  • blennies;
  • tuna;
  • butterflyfish;
  • sea horse;
  • pipefish;
  • lionfish;
  • Molva - ling;
  • moray;
  • electric eel;
  • sea smallmouth smelt;
  • swordfish;
  • fish-urchin;
  • angler, angler or European;
  • triggerfish;
  • sea bass;
  • capelin;
  • sprat;
  • saury;
  • hake;
  • sea bream;
  • sailboat;
  • flying fish;
  • common stingray;
  • clown fish;
  • cyan snapper;
  • rockcod;
  • golden Spar or Redfin;
  • fish noodles;
  • manta or a giant sea devil.

Even the name can be determined that how different ocean and sea fish.Photos of some species only confirm this fact.

Habitat freshwater fish

On the question of what is a fish, you said, "Freshwater"?And what is fresh water?

should immediately respond that the aqueous medium is substantially free of salts, can be called fresh.Generally considered to be that of flowing water, that is river.But many lakes are included in this category.It's no secret that part of freshwater fish for commercial purposes are bred artificially in manmade ponds and ditches.By the way, when reviewing the photos of river fish living in natural conditions, and comparing them with pictures of those who were born and raised in man-made reservoirs, to tell the difference is almost impossible.

And, it is quite interesting, even swamps can serve as a habitat for several species of freshwater fish.

Inhabitants rivers

Many of Superclass aquatic vertebrates, not milk-fed offspring (refer to freshwater) live in the rivers.List them is also quite large.In Russia, the most common are the following:

  • perch;
  • perch;
  • Bersh;
  • ruff;
  • pike;
  • bream;
  • roaches;
  • chop;
  • white eye;
  • carp;
  • chub;
  • carp;
  • bream;
  • carp;
  • lin;
  • asp;
  • rudd;
  • sabrefish;
  • Podust;
  • bystranka;
  • bleak;
  • ide;
  • minnow;
  • carp;
  • carp white;
  • catfish;
  • eel;
  • snakehead;
  • eel;
  • burbot;
  • char;
  • salmon;
  • starlet;
  • trout;
  • grayling;
  • umbra;
  • carp and others.

photo river fish are incredibly beautiful.Anglers often take pictures of their trophies, they are extremely proud of them.Unfortunately, River fish living in their natural habitat are poorly represented in the photographs.

who lives in the swamps?

interesting in this regard carp.Although he could comfortably live in rivers and lakes, still ichthyologists believe that in clear mountain reservoirs to meet him extremely difficult.But in the low-lying marshy lakes and swamps directly it feels just fine.

Many anglers say that often hooked in overgrown muddy waters they caught carp, carp, bullhead, lines and acne.Catfish also, though rarely, but is found here.

Separation of fish species on the way of feeding

All river and sea fish and aquatic breeds, classified on the basis of that, exactly how they feed.Some of these animals should be attributed to predators, as their main diet are more small fish, sometimes even juveniles of the same species.Do not disdain many predators shellfish, eggs, carrion.

Today the tragic attacks on human biggest bloodthirsty fish - sharks.The people are legends about how dangerous to people catfish and large pike.Allegedly, some of the larger specimens of these species may carry off a child or a thin woman deep reservoir where straighten out their victims.Or they say they bite mercilessly limb accidents while bathing.However, the true facts of this have been recorded.

But maritime "sister" River pike - a barracuda - are capable of terrible crimes.They become a ruthless and moray eels, about whom they say that the ancient Greeks were widespread aquarium fish, which their owners used as an instrument of punishment and unwanted guilty of anything.

freezes heart stories of piranhas, chimeras, tiger fish and giant guperah - is also a marine fish.Photo above the fish-killer look pretty intimidating.Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the majority of predators including fish pose a risk only to the inhabitants of the smaller bodies of water.These include burbot, catfish, trout, pike, eel, whitefish, chub, bersha, perch, pike-perch, grayling, which in large quantities are found in the Russian rivers.

the Peace are gobies, creepers, Yelets carp, tench, roach, vimba, blue bream, barbel, ides, spike, bleak, carp, Rota, minnows, bream, carp, bream, verkhovka, white-eye, cupids,chubs, ruffs, rudd, peled, whitefish and some other freshwater fish.

Differences in the method of reproduction

Most living things vertebrates are considered superclass ikromechuschie.And here again there is a division, because some species use external fertilization.This happens in cases where the female emits water unfertilized eggs and the males belonging to the same species of fish, isolated white liquid fertile environment with sperm - sperm.

there are fish related to ovoviviparous.That is, the fertilization occurs inside the female's body.It turns out that on light there is almost formed fry.To those include some stingrays, sharks, eagle ray, eelpouts, groupers, toothcarps and others.

Are some viviparous aquarium fish photos are presented in the article.This, for example, guppies and swordtails.

Reproduction salmon and sturgeon

By ikromechuschie include salmon and sturgeon (the so-called red fish).Photo male salmon before spawning clearly demonstrates the extent to which changes his appearance in front of this important period in my life.Emerging kind of a hump on the back gave the name of one of the species of salmon - salmon.Jaws bent fish hook, their body becomes brighter, even causing coloring.

interesting that most of the species of salmon (sockeye, pink salmon, chum salmon, and others) are brackish.They are born in freshwater rivers, then swimming across the marine environment.Spawning males and females are moving against the current back to the place of its birth.A very large number of representatives of the salmon die in this period, and has not reached the goal: one due to natural factors, while others - because of poaching.After spawning, almost all individuals of both sexes die.Although ichthyologists were discovered a few exceptions to this rule, that is able to register several females that come to spawn five or even seven times.

ikromechuschie are and sturgeon.The names of some of the most valuable commercial species breed known for almost everyone.This stellate sturgeon, sturgeon, thorn, beluga, sturgeon and others.

Aquarium fish

Photo of vertebrate animals attract the attention of even those people who are absolutely indifferent to ichthyology and have no desire to start such peculiar pets.The brightness of the color, the unusual nature of their appearance play a major role in this.

However, for those interested in the underwater world and its inhabitants, aquarium fish can be a real practical tool.Watching them, studying their habits, you can select all of the major graduation this natural vertebrate superclass.

Just like all fish, these pets contained in tanks, divided into freshwater, brackish and marine.

There is also notorious predators attack other inmates not from hunger, but because it is their natural essence.An example are the piranhas and sharks fine.Along with them there are carnivorous fish, as well as those who prefer worms, bloodworms, algae, etc.

subdivided aquarium fish on ikromechuschie and viviparous.Most, of course, are those that emit in the water roe and milt.

The most important ...

Watching the fish life, a man makes for himself important conclusions: in nature everything is interconnected, all depending on one another.And the people - this is one of the links in the chain, for the integrity of which it is responsible.