Hair Loss in Women: What To Do?

Hair loss in women - it is almost a disaster.After all, a woman is successful by men also thanks to the smart hair.But fallout from the no one is immune.

Causes of hair loss may be different.Now let's talk about them.

If the day falls no more than 50 hairs - this is a normal process.There are so-called temporary hair loss.The cause may be stress, lack of vitamins or abuse hairdryer.How to stop hair loss?Will mask brandy, plus a lemon rinse.Take a tablespoon of brandy, dessert spoon of honey and one egg yolk.If the cover - too dry, add a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil.Keep the mask for 2 hours.Next, rinse the head with warm boiled water, add to it a little lemon juice.There is another way to forget about temporary hair loss.It is based on herbs.The thermos brew immortelle, nettle, and St. John's wort and let it brew broth 4:00.Before washing the head, apply gruel on his head.If your hair is dry, then rinse the recommended sememe flax if fat - nettles.

If your scalp becomes rare, should not be abused all kinds of styling products, such as paints, mousses and gels.If your hair is difficult to comb, apply balm-conditioner.

Hair loss in women can be caused by hormonal changes in the body.Typically, the abrupt nature of the hormonal drugs cast.You can take a drug against hair loss as "regeyn."It allows you to accelerate the process of hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Hair loss in women due to excess androgens in the body.Androgens - hormones is male.Their content can increase dramatically with the dysfunction of the adrenal glands and ovaries.In this case, the injection containing the living cells of fibroblast, vitamin and mineral components and microinjection of homeopathic drugs.

Do not try to move to a diet where you restrict yourself in vitamins and protein.This can lead to significant hair loss.

hair loss in women becomes cause any changes in the content of minerals in hair - deficiency of zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, silicon, potassium and iron.In addition, alopecia is characteristic due to the influence of toxic elements such as thallium, arsenic, barium and aluminum.

Practicing loss treatment strands, the methodology should be comprehensive, which take into account all the pathogenetic mechanisms.It's a pretty long and complicated process.To one of the main approaches to treatment include restoring the balance of the mineral status of the body.Research strands through spectral method will help identify and trace element composition of the macroelement in the body.The coat can tell almost all types of diseases that are in your body.The main thing, just pay attention to yourself and your head to understand the basic essence of the loss.
Based on the results shown by spectral analysis of your scalp, doctors will be able to choose you the perfect diet that most enrich your body with essential macronutrients and micronutrients.In addition, all pharmacological agents should not just buy on the advice of his friends, but only after consultation with a doctor.Hair loss in women can be directly linked to an imbalance in the body, the emergence of a number of diseases.Only after consultation can take informed decisions and forwarded to the pharmacy for the necessary preparations.Do not forget to engage in self - it does not always obtain the expected result.