What a testimony to the use of "Vinpocetine"

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drug "Vinpocetine" is described as a means to achieve an improvement of cerebral circulation and metabolism.The drug has a vasodilatory effect, acting on the cardiovascular system.This activity is caused by a direct antispasmodic myotropic influence.Before the drug platelet aggregation of a decline, normalization of rheological properties of blood.

brain pathologies associated with disturbances in the activity of its vascular system - the main indications for use."Vinpocetine" contributes to the flow of oxygen to the tissues, increases metabolism and glucose uptake.The drug increases levels of kiteholaminov.When taken orally, the drug is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract.In the blood plasma the maximum content of the active ingredient occurs in about one hour.


"Vinpocetine" recommended for cerebrovascular insufficiency in chronic, acute course.Assigned to receive the drug to patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy complicated with memory disorders, headaches, frequent dizziness.When vascular pathologies of the retina of the eye and, Meniere's disease also recommended means "Vinpocetine."

Indications include post-traumatic encephalopathy, vertigo labyrinthine nature.Treatment is prescribed to patients with vascular dystonia on the basis of the climacteric syndrome.Effective medications for hearing impairment toxic or vascular origin.

Medium "vinpocetine."Instructions.Price

cost of medicines in pharmacies - within 200 rubles.The manual describes in detail all indications."Vinpocetine" recommended by mouth or by injection.Injections are assigned when severe conditions or in case of impossibility of oral administration.Inside means assigned three times a day for 5-10 mg.A single dose for parenteral administration - 20 mg.When a satisfactory amount of drug increased tolerance to 1 mg / kg.Increase the dosage gradually over 3-4 days.Duration of therapy - from ten days to two weeks.

Side effects

the appointment of treatment should pay attention not only to the indications for use."Vinpocetine" - a fairly strong medication and can cause various complications.In particular, patients have hypertension (transient type), and tachycardia.In some cases, an increase in the excitation period ventricular arrythmia.With the deterioration of the condition or appearance of complications that are not described in the summary, you should see a doctor.When treatment failure is not recommended to change the treatment regimen on their own.Requires doctor's consultation.


in any dosage form of the drug is not prescribed to patients with individual hypersensitivity.Contraindications for parenteral administration include severe arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease.Not appointed agent therapy to pregnant and lactating.