Why dream of a chicken?

We all have dreams.They can be good and bad, and sometimes woke up, we can not even remember what they saw in their dreams.Opinions about dreams and their significance in human life is not very clear.One does not recommend pay attention to them, while others say that dreams - this is a manifestation of our unconscious of what we often think.Still others believe that dreams - this is more than a warning that they are able to tell us the right way, or to predict the future.And maybe a third opinion - one of the most correct.It is terrible to imagine what it would be like if Mendeleev was not paying attention to your dreams - then we would never have been able to take advantage of this convenient table of chemical elements, because she dreamed of a scientist in a dream.

way, our ancestors also attached great importance to his dreams, every dream they interpreted differently.And now we can easily benefit from the experience of our forefathers, to decipher their dreams, because you see, sometimes they do not give us peace.

Let's try to do this with an example.Let's say you had a dream in a dream chicken.Your actions?Of course, the right thing would be to look into the dream book, but they are currently a great many: Old Russian, Ukrainian, American, Dream Miller, dream interpretation Meneggetti, Persian dream interpretation, etc.By the way, the interpretation of the same image are most often they are different.What to do?

Some people read all the interpretation and select those they liked best, that is, who were the most positive.However, this is the wrong move.The dream may be a warning of the danger, and the herald of something good.At the same time, if we are in danger and we know about it, we can take all necessary steps to prevent it.A good will happen by itself.Therefore it is better to pay attention to warnings and think about them.

example, you decided to find out what dreams chicken.The American dream book means a chicken house.The Indian dream book, if you had a dream about the chicken, then now is the time to build their nest and equip life.Why dream of a chicken in a gypsy dream book?To profit.

necessary to pay attention to the condition of the chicken and its coloring.For example, if you dreamed of a dead chicken, then wait for the problems in the family.Black chicken - big trouble at home, and if your hen lays eggs from a dream - you will be lucky.And in the dream book Zhou Gouna chicken sitting on eggs, means great joy.

You can find out what dreams chicken on the Internet.Fortunately, the World Wide Web a lot of such information.

So some downers interpret the image of chicken as our ideas that we plan to implement.If you see a small chicken, you're afraid of something.As you can see, the interpretation of dreams - is not only able to predict the future, but also a chance to understand themselves.After all, if our dreams - a reflection of the self, it is best to check what dreams chicken, if you saw it in a dream.

way, you need to pay attention to the action that you take an object that you dreamed.In the case of chicken you can buy her dream.This means that you will be very happy in the near future.Or maybe you dream that you are eating chicken - this action is interpreted as taking care of their own health.And if you chicken out of your sleep carries eggs - a symbol of happiness in love.Did you hear the clucking - a harbinger of a long road.And the interpretation of the dream in the Indian dream book is not so positive.The Indians believe that the dream of a chicken in a loss, and to hear her cackle - to boredom death.We hope that the example of chicken, we help you understand how to decipher their dreams and how to try to use their knowledge.Remember that forewarned means will be protected.