Where do the most beautiful women

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charm, good looks, a high percentage of female employees in the industry.These are the criteria against which a rating of 10 areas of activity, employing the most attractive women:

10. Aviation

To date, 80% of personnel on board the aircraft - a woman.Obviously, airlines are banking on the appeal, thus making the work of civil aviation for the beauties.Women - the pilots are much less common.

9. Trade

Sexuality promotes sales, and everyone knows it.And that countries that shop owners try to hire the most attractive people in order to meet the clients.For augmentation of profit in the course are any funds.

8. Restaurants

Cute waitress with a welcoming smile.You would need comments?

7. Banks

Banks carefully watching their professional image, and this means that all bank employee and managers should look your best.

6. Publishing Business

in the area occupied by a large number of intelligent and educated women.The vast majority of the editors and staff of publishing houses - women.

5. Mass Communications

we seem to be mentioned that the great beauty sells.Combining several areas of activity - marketing, public relations and sales promotion, the sphere of mass communications abounds smart, beautiful women who know firsthand how important it is to present yourself properly.In the end, the image - it's their job.

4. Fitness

Where else can you meet a woman who is good watching her appearance, if not in the gym?It is not just about a flat tummy.To look sporty and taut, need energy, discipline and tone.According to statistics, more than 65% of all employees in the field of fitness - women.

3. Cosmetics

Here even think it is not necessary.Beauty business refers to the beauty industry, and it occupied almost exclusively by women.Let us remember who of celebrities working in this field: Jessica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Liya Kebede, Eva Longoria, Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet and others.They're a beauty, is not it?

2. Organisation of events

What could be more attractive strong and intelligent woman who knows how to have fun?These qualities are mandatory for all whose work is connected with the organization of events.Organizers of weddings, celebrations and other events on cruises and resorts have one thing in common: they sell the holiday.Accordingly, they should be able to think, all the while being on your feet, stay alert and cheerful and at any time look great.Moreover, in this field of women prevail.

1. Fashion Industry

There is nothing surprising in the fact that in the first place in the ranking of the area where the work of a supermodel.But here it is not only about women, walking on the catwalk.Another example - a business woman, fashion designer.In the fashion industry has a lot of successful women, and, by the way, the vast majority of them are very attractive ...

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