Why dream of fried fish, fried chicken and fried potatoes?

«Do not eat at night!" - The motto of anyone who longs to lose weight.But, tell me, will dream of a hungry man if he still be able to sleep?Surely, beautifully laid table with plenty of your favorite dishes.Is it any wonder the morning in that case, what dreams or fried fish dumplings, pie or strawberry?

And if sensitive lady also lives in a communal apartment where the clock in the kitchen comes the creative work of cooking, it goes without saying that if someone is preparing a night chicken, the smell just did provoke a dream about food.Again, it is worth asking a naive question in the morning: "And what dream of fried chicken?" I'm sure Aunt Mary, eating his creation, just maliciously usmehnёtsya back.

But if you are full, no one and nothing prevents you to sleep, and strange dreams still accompany you at night?Let's try to understand them.First, the favorite food that you consume in my dreams that bring you pleasure - it is a very good omen.Pleasure derived during sleep, often a projection of pleasure that people get later in reality.Of course, in reality it may be not the pleasure of eating, but much more serious, or even the joy of success.

example, what dreams fried fish.Most dream book say: buy fried fish - good luck getting in reality or "production".Especially a lot of good promises a dream a pious man, as he after such a dream to prepare for production of very large profits or to a favorable solution to his problem.But for not believing in God a human dream promises punishment.

The process of preparing fine rybёshki could mean an unreasonable waste of money for quite unnecessary and insignificant things.Although later this waste can bring a pleasant joy!

«Fish in its form resembles the phallus", - according to some other downers.Therefore, to see her in my dreams in any way - to love and sex.And many even insist that it is not worth asking , what dreams fried fish, because fish to see - wait for the addition in the family.So, prepare diapers, ladies and gentlemen, just not good enough to just "turn off the fish sleep" !!!

But what dreams fried fish in an erotic dream - it is quite a complicated issue ... Here are all fortunetellers hesitate, unable to pinpoint its symbolism.Mysterious dream, full of suspense and ordinances.

way, as fried chicken, then it often warns dreamers: sometimes people are born kids!After word-nicknamed "klushka", "hen" definition are often overly doting mother.Just a dream and a chicken may be a warning of a future pregnancy, most likely - desirable.

Although in some cases sleep with chicken starring heralds a long-awaited meeting with friends or a pleasant welcome guests.But the dream the goose that lays the eggs - a great reason to rejoice!After all, this is a huge win, a great happiness and fulfillment of desires, or a successful response strong love.It is a pity that you can not order his own dream ...

What dreams fried potatoes, too, does not matter.For better!By luck and favorable completion of its affairs !!!And that luck has long fellow traveler on your path of life, there should be a magical ritual.

Peel potato and sew her white thread.After this "amulet" need to dig.That's it - now your guardian angel will be "sewn" to you, protect from adversity and helping in every way.

However, if in a dream you have to dig or weed the potato, it is likely that this dream foretells thankless task and a heavy, exhausting, and sometimes useless, work.