Revenues and expenses of the enterprise.

Modern Russian enterprises operate in an environment of high economic profitability.Profound changes have taken place in the domestic economy over the past few years, it is not only largely determined the specifics of the transition to market conditions, but also greatly complicated the environment for business survival in the new environment.Saturation of the market, the reduction of the technological cycle of production, the pursuit of the concentration of businesses, could complicate the development of a new great production.

Private enterprises in the market economy are one of the most important conditions for microeconomic analysis.They can be studied under a variety of angles, but first and foremost they are a mechanism for the conversion of the cost of capital, natural resources and human activities in the finished product, which is a services and industrial goods started to meet human needs.The costs of the enterprise - these are payments that the company is obliged to do or income, it has to ensure that the supplier of resources to ensure that these resources are not involved in alternative industries.From this it follows that all the costs of the enterprise, and their views are alternatives.

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opportunity costs of the enterprise - is the main obstacle that the company may encounter in the process of striving for maximum profit.Production costs can be logically divided into explicit and implicit.At the same time to clear direct costs include payments to suppliers of basic and additional factors of production, staff salaries, fees to banks and trading firms, attorneys' fees, payment of transportation costs.The opportunity costs of resources not covered by the contract are classified as implicit costs of production.Typically, these payments are not reflected in the financial statements of the enterprise, but that are no less significant.

costs for a single enterprise which are variable, another may well be permanent.Thus, the implementation of variable costs in the enterprise has been called "variable costs of production."Very significant differences between fixed and variable expenditure are the main differentiation of the two temporal dimensions - short-term and long-term time intervals time intervals.

Profit is one of the most important financial indicators that make up the economic base of the company and represent its effectiveness.Consequently, each company must develop its own plan to increase profits.This may be to improve the quality and increase production, rental or sale of surplus equipment, cost savings due to more rational use of natural resources or other moments.One way or another, but the income and expenses of the enterprise are closely linked: income points to the field where you can maximize gains, losses indicate those moments when mistakes were made in spending and production organization.

Costs enterprises play an important role in the formation of the main aspects of the enterprise - profit or loss.Of course, getting the maximum profit - the most favorable outcome for any company.However, one must not only strive to get the most revenue, but also to its rational use.This will enable the company not only to maintain its position in a market economy, but also to ensure favorable development of their own business in conditions of severe competition.