Africa wildlife.

huge, the second largest continent (after Asia) in the world.Its area - 29, 2 million square kilometers, with the islands - 30 million square kilometers.This is 6% of the earth's surface and 20.4% of the land.In Africa, 55 countries are located, its population exceeds one billion people.

Wildlife African lions

The fauna of this vast continent is very diverse.However, it accepted the king of beasts is the lion.In this there is no doubt.Just look at this powerful and proud animal.Interestingly, the indigenous African lions awarded this title also for the fact that they can be a very long time to look at the sun without blinking.Although many of feline breeds have this ability.

African Lions have a bright and expressive appearance - commanding view, head position, luxurious mane indicate the authoritativeness of this giant.

growth of adult male reaches one meter and weight - two hundred kilograms.The female is more graceful and elegant - her weight is rarely more than one hundred and forty kilograms.

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Animals African lion - especially outward signs

This is the only feline having a mane.Enjoy it only male with whom she begins to grow from approximately two years.In five years the king of beasts, it can reach a length of twenty-four centimeters.

lion's mane is an indicator of the health of the animal.According to her of a specialist can determine the presence of any disease, and even the mood of the beast.Impressive and tail predator - a long, thin and very strong, with a tassel on the end.Lions Coat short, yellowish sand color on the back.On the sides it is lighter.


Currently lions inhabit the entire continent of Africa except the lower valley of the Nile.This is a very strong and hardy predators, second only to the tigers.African Lions prefer to settle in the open expanses where there are many reservoirs and it is possible to hunt for ungulates.

territory that is occupied by a single family, is strictly limited.But all that is on it, it belongs only to the lions - from grass to the tree.


very interesting to observe the wild world of Africa.Lions attract researchers to build "relationships" in the family.This is a really interesting point.African lions live in prides (large families).Such a family may consist of twenty to thirty individuals.Among them are three to four adult males, the same number of females and their offspring - the young lions and lion cubs.The head of the family old and wise leader.

Laws pride are simple enough and clear - not to offend the lion cubs, a lot of time to sleep and hunt only when absolutely necessary, ie. E. When the food is coming to an end.Leo will never go out on the hunt until he has at least some food.

should be noted that in the lion family is no strict allocation to "getter" and "housewife".In savannas often hunted female, and the male guards the family.However, most often it comes down to a lazy dozing in the shade of a tree - he does not look for enemies, attacking only those in front of him unceremoniously begins to hunt on its territory.From time to time he makes a terrible roar that is heard ten kilometers.This is a preventative measure - the king of beasts notifies the district that the territory is occupied.

should be noted that the female does not just taken over responsibility for the production of food.Too large and noticeable are males - they are extremely difficult to get to on the savannah victim unnoticed.In forest areas for hunting male walks.


pregnant female African lion lasts from one hundred to one hundred and ten days.Shortly before the birth of a lioness takes pride.His offspring female does not leave within six weeks.A litter of three to five cubs, weighing less than two kilograms.They are blind and helpless.The eyes are open on the tenth day, the first timid steps they are doing on the twentieth day.

lioness goes hunting, leaving the kids alone.To the smell of other predators could not find the cubs, the female several times a month goes to another den.

when the baby turns 1.5 months, caring mother takes the cubs in a large family.Cubs are fed their mother's milk for up to six months.An interesting observation - Lioness differently about his offspring.Mothers are more like females than males.When pride father is killed, the other male destroys all his sons.This lion can remain completely indifferent.But it is the females never give offense.Such harsh laws dictate wild Africa.Lions who have reached the age of two to three years, banished from the pride.Females forever remain with their mother.

Males start independent life by creating your own family, or adjacent to another Pride.Cases when the rest of their lives, they live alone or create a pair.

Hunting Lions in Africa - a strong and formidable predators.Unlike other big cats, have a calm character.In the daytime they rest in the shade of trees and hunt at dusk.As already mentioned, in the savannah hunting lioness.Small animals they eat immediately, but larger prey are to the family.

All members of Pride always eat together, and sick and injured animals receive their share of meat on a par with health.If you managed to catch quite a large animal, the hunting lions do not come out until you eat the last piece.At this time, a number of predators can graze a herd of antelopes, but the big cats do not pay them any attention.