Born on the crests of the air waves, or lenticular cloud

lenticular cloud occurs in nature is quite rare, and always when there are people nearby, makes a great impression on them.This is a huge accumulation of water vapor unusual shapes and colors.Sometimes clouds look like an unidentified flying object, sometimes - the masses of the movie "Solaris" and sometimes they are just funny and bizarre.Such clusters have several names: lenticular clouds, lenticular, discoid.Despite the abundance of names, scientists have not fully figured out the causes of these bizarre mass of water vapor.There are only circumstances under which this is possible.It is believed that the lenticular cloud may appear between two layers of the air or on the crests of the waves of air.In addition, scientists know the conditions of their existence - they are fixed, no matter how strong the wind was at a height where there is congestion.


Scientists suggest that elevated air stream flowing around an obstacle, constitutes a formal wave of air, which is the process of condensation of water vapor continuously.He reaches the "dew point" and then evaporates at the descending air jets.The process occurs repeatedly.Thus appears lenticular cloud.Usually it hangs at a height of up to 15 kilometers downwind of mountain peaks or ridges and does not change its position of all time.In contrast, the appearance of these clusters in the sky is a testament to the fact that under a high content of moisture and strong horizontal air jets.As a rule, it is connected with the approaching atmospheric front.There are masses of good weather.It characterizes the lenticular clouds.Photo testify to this.

first hypothesis of the emergence of discoid clouds

electric charge of planet earth on the surface of the object creates an electric field.At higher elevations such as the crests of ridges, peaks of mountains and rocks is intensified by almost 3 times.In addition, the surface of the Earth, there are electromagnetic fields which arise under the ground or in the ionosphere.The latter are associated with oscillations of electrons between the poles and have a frequency of 2 to 8 Hz.Such waves can hear the animals, for example, just before an earthquake.These fields during the passage through the rocks generate sound waves that form zones of reduced or increased pressure.The minimum amplitude there are conditions for condensation of water vapor.Lenticular cloud - a visualization process.

second hypothesis of the emergence of discoid clouds

underground sources of electromagnetic fields can be water, which boils in the bowels of the earth.It may be a liquid in the crater of the volcano at a great depth, tanks or faults in the underground lake.Cavitation processes generate sound waves in the rock, which in turn are formed by piezoelectric electromagnetic field.If they fall on the ground in the area of ​​the electric field with high rates, the ionization of air.Under certain thermodynamic conditions vapor condenses on charged particles, similar processes in the cloud chamber.So shaped lenticular cloud.In this case, it becomes clear why discoid mass immobile - a source of electromagnetic radiation by the wind can not be moved.

third hypothesis of the emergence of discoid

clouds in the sky we see different clouds.Types of clouds depend on the conditions of their formation.Lenticular masses can appear also on the freezing point of water.Generation of the electromagnetic field when the process has been repeatedly recorded by scientists in various experiments.This may be a freezing of water in the crater of a volcano or on the slopes.The power of electromagnetic radiation increases, the amplitude of the frequency of its existence determines the number of layers in a lenticular cloud, and the distance between them.In addition, the form discoid masses may depend on the speed of freezing a large temperature difference from the slopes of the mountain.

amazing and mysterious lenticular cloud

In addition, many natural scientists - amateurs and professionals - believe that the emergence of lenticular masses due to the geopathogenic zones and geoactive Earth.And the clouds can show the size of this area.Accumulations are fixed in the area of ​​electromagnetic radiation emerging from the bowels, so do not budge.Lifespan lenticular clouds are different.Other live for an hour, and then disappear.In Kamchatka, it was recorded unexpected event.In the upper reaches of the Bar Burgazy lenticular cloud lasted a four and a half days, and then began to spin, flattened and turned into a ball of light, like a fireball.Natural glowing formations acceleration gone up.