How do I find the graphics card on the computer

In some cases, the user is necessary to find a video card that is used on his computer.This is especially important for gamers, as the desire to get maximum enjoyment from the game makes to closely monitor the release of new drivers.In addition, in order to find out whether a computer will run this or that game, just to know the parameters of your own video.This can save time that would otherwise be spent on the installation.But how do you know a video card?Popytaemya answer this question.

There are a few simple ways to find out which graphics card is enabled in the system.For Windows XP, one of the simplest ways is to use the menu, a call is made quite simple.To do this, right-click any empty space on the desktop.In the list that appears, choose "Properties".Then you need to go on laying the "Options".In the line "Module Shield Connection" and it will specify the action card.

For Windows 7, the procedure of how to find a graphics card is a little different.After the first pressing of the right button, you will need to choose not to "Properties" and "Screen Resolution."Then go to the tab "Advanced Settings", which will be available menu item "Adapter".Once selected, the user will receive information about the video card that is used.

second method of how to find a video card is to use the Device Manager, which is accessed by pressing the right mouse button on the icon "Computer" in Windows 7. For a previous version of Windows XP, select "My Computer."In the menu the user must press the "Properties", and then automatically opens a window in which the function will be available, will start the "Device Manager."Before the user will see a list of all the equipment, broken down by category.

to find out information about the video card, you need to click once on the left mouse button on the selected item "Display Adapters."Then open the sub-described graphic accelerator.If several of them, all of them will be described in this paragraph, where each video card will have its own sub.

Another relatively simple way to determine your graphics card is the collection of information through one of the applications DirectX.It can be run on the command line entries «dxdiag».The command line is invoked in two ways:

1) "Start" and then "Run".

2) key combination «Win + R».

application can request permission to check digital signatures for drivers.Permission to conduct this additional function is not necessary to give.Then the utility will appear where you have to select "Display" or "screen", depending on the version of the system.In the "Name" field will show the model of the video card, and in the line "Total Memory", respectively, the amount of memory, integrated graphics adapter.It should be noted that in some cases, for example, using older drivers, this figure could be untrue.

answer to this popular question of how to find a video card can be obtained with the use of third-party programs.Among them there are both paid (well-known Everest), and free, are found in the cellar.