Dream Interpretation: what dreams homicide

Unfortunately, looking every day the news and reading the newspapers, we realize that the murders are not a rarity in modern society.But what if such a terrible event we dreamed while sleeping?We offer to find the answer to this question, ask for help to the most well-known and trustworthy dream books.

What dreams homicide : Gustavus Miller's dream book

This dream book treats like a terrible dream as a harbinger of sorrow, the cause of which will be the atrocities committed by other people.It is possible that you can be a witness of a violent death.If you dream that you are killing a person in real life at risk to commit any actions that tarnish your name in the eyes of others.See killed himself - to obsessive attempts by enemies to ruin your life.If you are attacked you killed a robber or a villain in the near future you will be successful in business and climb up the corporate ladder.

Dreams Freud what a dream homicide

According to the interpretation of this source, a dream in which you kill someone, reflects the need to get rid of bearing down and boring relationship.It is possible that you and your partner are struggling to stay together, when in fact you have really nothing in common.If you dream that you are a witness to the murder, it is probably in your sexual fantasies too much emphasis on the cruelty and brutality that may not be to the liking of your partner or partner.

Dreams health: what dreams homicide

dream in which you kill someone, can be seen as a harbinger of the real danger threatens you.If you dream you threaten someone with murder, it is likely that in real life you are overwhelmed with the aggression and tension.Try to get your emotions under control, otherwise it is possible, as they say, and "mangled wood."

French dream book: dream about killing a man - why?

According to the compilers of this collection of interpretations of dreams, promises you seen the murder of a variety of pleasures.People are also experiencing health problems, like a dream foretells a very speedy recovery.

What dreams homicide : Dream book from A to Z

If you dream that your eyes murder, then in reality you may have a reason for concern for their own health.If someone tried to kill you, you should exercise extreme caution, especially sitting behind the wheel of the car.Dream, killing a man in which you have committed yourself while trying to flee from justice, predicts that your "skeleton in the closet" is found.This will entail serious problems.Dreamed suicide represents the probability of occurrence of an accident due to negligence and carelessness of the dreamer.If you had a dream that some man was strangled, then as soon as you get any mental anguish and suffering.