Dream Interpretation: dreamed of a spider - what is it?

Spiders - this is a very common insects that met at least once, perhaps, in every home.What if these creatures we dreamed while sleeping?Should we consider a similar dream as the danger of falling into a trap?Or there are other interpretations?Let's try to find answers to these questions in several of the most complete and popular dream books nowadays.

Dreams Gustav Miller dreamed of a spider - what?

According to the interpretation of the source, a dream in which appears the spider symbolizes your care and diligence at work, in the near future will be highly rewarded.If the insect weaves a web of dream, your family life will be calm and happy.Killing him - repeated arguments with a spouse or lover.Spider bite in a dream - a possible betrayal in real life, because of which may seriously hurt your business.Why dream of a small spider hanging at their silk threads?This dream is considered extremely auspicious sign, heralding success, support of family and friends, and good health.If you had a huge size insect sitting on your network, then you run the risk of enter into a relationship with dangerous people, which, however, can help you quickly achieve success.A dream in which the young of the fairer sex is surrounded by many golden spiders, it promises quick success and new pleasant acquaintance.

Dreams Freud dreamed of spider - what?

According to the information from this source, if the spider had a woman, the reality she experiences uncontrollable fear of being abandoned by his partner.And like the alarm completely unfounded and are the result only of her self-doubt and confidence.

old French dream book: dreamed of a spider - what?

According to the compilers of the dream book, seen the spider acts as a warning of treason or treachery on the part of the person to whom you are experiencing the warmest feelings.To kill the insect in a dream - to lose money.Shoot spider web - to the opportunity to participate in the trial.

Dream book from A to Z: dreamed of a spider - what?

dream in which you saw lurking spider on the ceiling, promises prosperity and well-being of your home.If it attacks the insect entangled in his nets a sacrifice, in real life, you run the risk of falling into a trap set by your enemies.Whisk it with clothes - to disagree and debate with your family or spouse.A dream in which you see a huge spider is considered a bad omen.It foreshadows the tragic events or loss of property.Why dream of white spiders?This dream is very auspicious symbol that promises the dreamer happiness in his personal life and success in work, he reaches through diligence and hard work.If you are bitten by a poisonous spider, the reality you run the risk of contracting some sort of viral infection.A dream in which you are saved from attacking insects, interpreted the data source as the favorable outcome of some important business.