What is a crybaby-grass?

Plakun grass - a plant surrounded by mysteries and legends.It is mentioned in the Bible and ancient herbals.The plant may be "crying" heal and protect.Truly a magical herb.

What a wonderful plant?

his real name - Lythrum salicaria.It occurs quite often, sometimes even forming thickets, which is very picturesque look.This high plant (50-150 cm) with a strong root system and thick stalk, on which leaves are narrow, willow-like, sitting in whorls or arranged oppositely.Gathered in small brush crimson flowers appear in July and August.This plant can be found on the banks of rivers and in moist forests at the edges.It loves swampy meadows and drained peatlands.Crybaby-grass is similar to prutevidny loosestrife.But they can be distinguished.In crybaby-grass leaves are pubescent.Besides, loosestrife switchgrass leaves from the stem wedge-shaped, rather than heart-shaped.

plant is used in official medicine, and folk.Loosestrife roots contain tannins, and the stem and leaves - resin, traces of essential oils, tannins and glycosides salikarin.Flowers rich in flavones and alkaloids found in the seeds and litrarin glycoside.

Useful properties of such plants as loosestrife

Plakun grass astringent, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.Effective treatment of dysentery and diarrhea to her various etiologies.It helps in chronic gastritis and enterocolitis.Gruel from fresh leaves is applied to bleeding wounds, as the plant has also strong hemostatic effect.

In folk medicine uses the whole plant: roots, grass with flowers and seeds.Raw materials are harvested at different times.Ground part of the plant - only during the flowering period, when the grass is most useful, and the roots are dug in autumn.But according to popular belief, there is one day a year when you can harvest a plant completely, - early in the morning of Ivan Kupala.

decoction of the roots treat stomach pain, gynecological diseases and uterine bleeding, and they are used as a diuretic.Decoction of the flowers helps with diarrhea and from leaves - for epilepsy, nervous disorders, insomnia, rheumatism and hemorrhoids.Good therapeutic effect was observed in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and certain skin diseases such as eczema.The decoction bathe weakened children.It is believed that raw root helps with snakebites and restores the body after exercise.To do this, you need to eat it with bread or drink sour milk.When gastric pains, colds, headaches helps root tincture with vodka.And it is used externally for bruises.The powder of dry grass sprinkled with long healing wounds.The most common recipe: one tablespoon of fresh herb pour water in a volume of 200 ml, bring to a boil and turn off.Insist 15 minutes, then strain and drink ΒΌ cup 3 times a day.

loosestrife - an excellent honey plant.Its flowers contain a lot of nectar and pollen, thus attracting a huge number of bees and butterflies bright.Honey crybaby-grass dark yellow, fragrant and has healing properties.In the old days loosestrife flowers are used as a food coloring and tanning properties of the plant due to this day is used to impregnate the fishing gear to protect it from rotting.This grass-fed cattle, even if he is restless.

Why so called plant?

Plakun grass got its name for a reason.In pagan mythology says that the goddess cried so Lada, seeing the suffering of the Slavic peoples.Not spared this plant and the Bible.It is believed that spilled out on the ground Virgin tears and grew crybaby-grass.

Although the explanation is quite simple.The coating plant tissues are special organs in which it is trying to get rid of excess water accumulated during the night.Droplets of its drain on the edges of the leaves and look like tears.Most often, such a phenomenon can be observed early in the morning or before rain.


Plakun grass magic is very powerful.It helps in the fight against evil spirits and charms that sends witches.Crucifix carved from the root and protects its wearer from evil forces and deliberate death (murder).It can cast demons out of people.Babies, restless sleep, put a pillow loosestrife.Crybaby-grass helps to look for treasure and protect against evil spirits in the marshes.When collecting other medicinal herbs necessarily carry a sprig of loosestrife, otherwise collected plants will not have the strength.


Plakun grass, medicinal properties which are huge - it's not a poisonous plant.But it can not be used if a person has an increased blood clotting or he suffers from senile constipation.

intestinal atony is another contraindication.People with high blood pressure should be cautious to drink decoctions of loosestrife, as it has the property to narrow the blood vessels.


Plakun grass - is not officially recognized by the medical plant.Therefore, this plant is not found conventional pharmacies.In this case, it is better to prepare themselves or to appeal to people engaged in such fishing.